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Join Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville As We Light Up Nashville In Honor Of National Outdoor Lighting Month!

It’s October and Outdoor Lighting Month is in full swing! Right now is the perfect time to check the health of your outdoor lighting system to make sure everything is working correctly as we begin to head into the chiller months. Just as we make sure our HVAC, water heater and other important systems are functioning properly—you need to make sure you do the same for your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Problem Solvers that Get the Job Done!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is happy to evaluate the health of your existing outdoor lighting to make sure it’s working perfectly. We can also install a brand new system if you don’t have one; or if you are living with an old, outdated system. We can take on challenging installations that our competitors won’t or can’t handle, too. With over 30 years of experience, we are true innovators when it comes to outdoor lighting. When other companies say it can’t be done—we find a way to make it happen!

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If you want to extend or augment your existing outdoor lighting, we can help. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can work within your budget to give you the best value for your money. If your current outdoor lighting fixtures are solid, we can retrofit them with new LED components that will provide you with immediate savings. We are able to be creative about ways to stretch your dollars when it comes to outdoor lighting.

It’s Almost Time to Fall Back – is Your Timer up to the Task?

With Daylight Savings Time on November 1st, it’s the time to rethink your landscape lighting timer. Why not take the opportunity to add a Lighting Control Automation (LCA) timer to your system? Eliminate the need for fiddling with the dials on your old school timer, and simply punch in your zip code one time into your LCA timer and it takes care of the rest. Your outdoor lighting will automatically go on and off at exactly the right time based on available light in your geo-location. It doesn’t get easier! Set up a contactless evaluation with one our outdoor lighting designers today, so we can get started on getting your outdoor lighting winter ready.

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Best of all, everything you purchase and have installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville comes backed with our 1-year complimentary maintenance plan. It protects your investment that is worry-free. You simply call us if there is an issue and we will come out and take care of everything for you. It covers everything--your fixtures, wires, transformer and timer. You can purchase a plan even if a competitor installed your outdoor lighting system, and we will provide you with the same benefits without hassle.

Take advantage of Outdoor Lighting Month

Take advantage of Outdoor Lighting Month by improving the attractiveness, security and safety around your home and property. Illuminating dark areas of your garden increases visibility so that it’s easy for visitors to get around and provides safe footing. It also makes your home look lived in and like someone is always home, so it naturally ramps up the feeling of security as well.

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Outdoor lighting makes your home look spectacular in the evening light, which increases your home’s value. Your roofline, architectural elements, entryway and shrubs are all pulled together into one gorgeous cohesive look. Your outdoor entertainments zones such as your patio, deck, pathways, grilling areas and water features become far more usable once professional outdoor lighting is added so that these areas can be enjoyed late at night.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to evaluate your outdoor lighting to ensure everything is working correctly and gives your home nighttime appeal. Increase the usability of your indoor/outdoor square footage thanks to illumination installed by experts in Music City residential and commercial outdoor lighting.