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Capitol Christmas tree recycling for the betterment of Nashville parks

For the last eight years, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has provided Christmas lighting and décor for the capitol Christmas tree. Each year, we consider creative and useful ways of recycling the tree. This year is really something special – for all of Nashville!

This year’s capitol Christmas tree was donated by residents, who had to remove the tree from their property, as it had grown too close to their home. With our Christmas tree recycling efforts, this donated tree is coming full circle.

Nashville capitol Christmas tree removal and recycling
Nashville capitol Christmas tree removal and recycling

The gargantuan tree was removed, piece by piece. It was then turned into mulch. This mulch will be donated to Nashville and will be used to beautify Nashville area parks. This 38-foot tree will bring cheer long after Christmas and the new year!

Capitol Christmas tree becomes mulch for local parks
Capitol Christmas tree becomes mulch for local parks

What’s more, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville will essentially recycle the Christmas tree lighting and décor. These Nashville Christmas lights will be stored away and used again next year! As a part of our holiday lighting service, our clients probably appreciate this the most! Our holiday lighting clients never have to worry with take-down or storage of their lights, because we do it for them.

holiday decorations that have been taken down and are being organized
We’ll store your holiday lights till next year!

What are some ways you can recycle your Christmas tree?

Many people are coming up with their own creative ways of Christmas tree recycling. Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary, in Jacksonville, Florida, asked for Christmas tree donations for their LIONS AND TIGERS to use as toys! Other state agencies are requesting Christmas tree donations for fish habitats. Tree branches help young fish by trapping food and offering protection. Those, who live on properties with wildlife, are choosing to take their Christmas tree into wildlife areas, decorated with fruits, raw peanuts, and pinecones covered with birdseed for a food source! Coastal areas have hundreds of volunteers come to the beach, where they spend a day burying Christmas trees in the sand to help prevent coastal erosion. Some Christmas trees go to the goats! Goats seek the Vitamin C in the trees, and the tree nutrients also work as a natural de-wormer.

January 6 is the 12th day of Christmas. If you plan to dispose of your tree, consider these thoughtful ways to donate and recycle your Christmas tree!

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