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Deck Safety Month Starts May 1st – Will You Be Ready With Professional Deck Lighting In Nashville?

There is an excellent reason why May is designated as Deck Safety Month. Why, you ask? Because May is when Nashville area homeowners with outdoor living spaces head back outdoors to savor the sun, enjoy our enviable pleasant weather and spend fun-filled Music City evenings in our backyards with those we love.

landscape and fire pit lighting

The North American Deck and Rail Association sponsors deck safety month and heightens our collective awareness on how to increase safety when out there – and having the right outdoor lighting for your deck is a great start to commemorate this deck safety awareness month.

How To Add Deck Lighting To Enhance Safety

The deck lighting team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville wants to make sure that you know the best way to illuminate your deck after sunset.

1. Shine down – not up. When adding lighting to your deck, be sure that the beams of light are directed at the deck’s surface – and not eyelevel. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has a great assortment of deck lighting fixtures to achieve that illumination sweet spot. A great choice that you should ask about during your complimentary deck lighting consulting is our Micro Deck Lights. Beautifully designed with a curved downward slope to project light where it’s needed most, Our Micro Deck Lights are designed to blend into your deck’s structure and not stand out. Crafted from cast aluminum they are available in your choice of the powder-coated colors of white, black or bronze with an easy flush mount to seamlessly blend in with your deck’s outline. With an actual size of 2.25 inches wide and 1.125 inches high, the only thing you’ll notice after installation is the beautiful glow of your safety deck lighting.

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2. Deck safety lighting to define your deck perimeter: Designed to softly illuminate your deck’s perimeter – as well as to cast soft glows of energy-efficient light onto your deck surface – this dual purpose deck light is crafted out of cast brass with a weathered finish and a frosted glass lens to prevent glare. Featuring a lifetime warranty, our Savannah deck light features a directional “eyelid” which doubles its utility.

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3. Include illuminating pathways leading to the deck from the backyard: Should your guests arrive in your backyard; be sure they can safely find their way onto your deck with our exquisite pathlights. Also designed to cast light beams downward, they will ensure safe passage onto your deck outdoor living space. Fans of brass will enjoy our Saratoga pathlight, made from cast brass with a weathered finish. Our Sarasota path light features a 6.3-inch-diameter cast brass hat to illuminate downward. Its underside is a powder-coated reflective white surface. It comes with impact-resistant clear or frosted lens options. Heights are available in 10-inch, 18-inch, and 60-inch lengths. If the sheen and patina of copper is more to your liking, ask about our Classic LED Copper deck area pathlight. Crafted from spun copper it features a clear tempered glass convex lens. And for safety leading to and around the landscape surrounding your deck, it boasts the lighting power to define 10 steps or up to 30 feet of pathway.

stair lighting

4. Don’t leave functional deck areas in the dark: During your complimentary deck lighting design consultation, be sure to review the benefits of ensuring that all outdoor living deck areas are safe in the evening darkness. These include:

• Deck railings

• Deck steps and deck stairs

• Deck entrances and exit points

stair lighting

• Deck outdoor kitchen and grilling areas

• Deck spa and pool areas

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David Todd with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.