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What Dedication to Excellence Looks Like in Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Living Brands, the parent company of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and its sister outdoor living companies; ArchadeckMosquito SquadRenew Crew and Conserva Irrigation, recently hosted its annual meeting in Arizona. Included among the events held at this annual gathering was an awards banquet, recognizing excellence
in sales and customer service for franchisees across the country. During this ceremony, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville was awarded Excellence in Sales Award for 2017, and we are beaming with pride!

This is the second Excellence in Sales Award we have received, repeating from our 2016 win. In 2016, we also received the honor of being named the Franchisee of the Year.

Award and Outdoor Lighting Perspective representatives

It is truly an honor to be named among our peers for our dedication in outdoor lighting, however, it is even more of an honor comes to be recognized for customer satisfaction. One of the most important indicators of a strong franchise is its ability to successfully serve its customers. Which is measured not only through client reviews and testiomials but also by a Net Promoter Score (NPS). An NPS score is derived from customer responses in regards to their satisfaction and if they would refer the business, giving them a rating of 0 to 10. Net Promoter Score is a reputable way to rate customer satisfaction across many brands. NPS scores are for organizations big and small, including many Fortune 500 companies. High scores are hard to come by. Some standouts include Costo with an NPS of 79 and USAA with an NPS of 75.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has an impressive Net Promoter Score of 92. This score is more than just a number, as it demonstrates our clients’ trust and satisfaction in our products, installation, design expertize and customer service.

Outdoor lighting is an important part of any exterior space. It’s more than just utilitarian. Lighting sets a mood and increases the function of your property, and home, after dark. We don’t just look at it as fixture or bulbs—it’s an experience for our clients, helping them create their perfect space.

Exterior House Lighting

We offer a true turnkey solution for outdoor lighting at your Nashville-area property, including planning, design, installation and maintenance. We’ve been serving the area for over 30 years and are humbled to be recognized for doing exactly what we love—helping you with lighting that enables relaxation, enjoyment and pure satisfaction!

Learn what it is like to choose an award-winning Nashville outdoor lighting provider for your residential, commercial, or hospitality lighting project by contacting us today at (615) 697-4629.

David Todd of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
— David G. Todd, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.