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Deck and patio Lighting for your Redmond Home

A perfect location for relaxation and for entertaining guests, we’ve come to think of our decks and patios as natural extensions of our living space. Having dinner al fresco, hosting a holiday party, enjoying a cookout or having evening cocktails is the ideal use of the added space. No one wants to have to move their evening enjoyment indoors when the sun goes down. Add outdoor lighting to your space to enjoy it long after the sun sets.

Deck with lighting 
Custom deck lighting design is both a science and an art. There is no single formula to fit all decks. Our design team will work with your specific outdoor space to ensure every detail is thought through and planned for. If you have a multi-level deck with a stone fireplace on one side, we will take a different approach than lighting an elevated deck with intricate stairs and a hot tub. Our goal is to provide safety and security to make your space very usable while adding just the right illumination to set the tone for an evening of memory making. Continue on to read about a few of the many approaches we might take in lighting your deck.

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting offers a variety of additional techniques because of the ability to tuck lights under railings and to the deck posts. Adding soft lights to your stair risers is a great way to provide sure footing at night. With the addition of down lighting under the railings, you can safely illuminate every step for easy navigating in the dark. Place LED deck lights on top of your intricate deck posts, to provide a glowing perimeter for your guests to admire. With the many fantastic options for illuminating your deck, you are sure to get every possible minute of outdoor living squeezed into your days.

Redmond Landscape Lighting

When you have a ground-level deck we have a few design techniques to really show off your space. One technique is lighting the landscaping items around the deck. Our copper fixtures will be placed strategically within your flower beds to not only highlight your beautifully tended flowers but to also cast a soft wash of light onto the deck. The luminous glow created will highlight the perimeters of your deck, casting majestic shadows through some of the plants and leaves. We’ll also illuminate some larger focal elements near the deck such as trees and statues to invite your guests to take in the sights of your property.

Moon Lighting

Exterior home with specialty lighting 
Do you have a massive, gorgeous Fir or Cedar providing a lovely canopy over your backyard? We can make additional use of its already perfect grandeur, by working with a tree climber and an electrician to place the perfect fixture from the perfect branch. The light will illuminate your entire space, but the magic comes from the way the light shines through the tree’s canopy creating ever-changing shadows and dimension to your outdoor living space.


Exterior sculpture with specialty lighting 
With our unobtrusive copper fixtures that blend well into the surrounding landscape, we can highlight the special features of your property with perfectly placed LED uplights. Illuminating the vertical structures that are on or surrounding your deck creates a focal point, drawing your eye to the beauty of a well-crafted pergola, a trellis full of night blooms, a stone retaining wall or well-placed planter. Highlighting your unique outdoor decorative elements adds to the art of creating a one-of-a-kind outdoor space while still providing useful light for living.

Down Lighting

With your deck being an extension of your indoor living space, it invites us to use your house itself as a place to add a light fixture. We place the fixture high on the back of your home to illuminate your eating or sitting areas with a just the right amount of light that allows you to see what you are doing without the harsh glare of a hardware store flood light. With the right placement we can also cascade the lighting down the back façade of your home to highlight the unique architectural features that create the warm, inviting space on your deck.

Patio Lighting

Don’t spend another night wishing your patio could be utilized after dark! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound offers the best custom patio lighting design and installation. With our help, you can spend every evening in your favorite space, whether it is just you and a book or a Friday night dinner party. Check out all the ways we can illuminate your backyard patio.

Hardscape Lights

Our abilities to illuminate your patio are getting cooler all the time. Right now we have gorgeous hardscape lights that integrate right into your vertical stone and paver features. These lights are made specifically to fit between two layers of stonework, brick or another masonry, perfect for your outdoor kitchens and fire features. There are also lights that can go in your patio floor, replacing a paver, for subtle illumination that won’t get kicked but will guide the way around your patio.

Festive and Fun Overheads String Lighting

Backyard patio with lighting

We also have the best-LED string lighting to hang over your patio — which is a current fan favorite.

The difference?

We will custom string your lights to fit your exact space (no extra strings hanging). We offer a 5-year warranty. Our lights can withstand the weather for many years and are made to be left up year-round.

Landscape Lighting Your Patio

When you have a hardscape patio made of pavers, concrete and/or stone work we have a few design techniques to really show off your space. One technique is lighting the landscaping items around the patio.

If you’re ready to illuminate your deck or patio for better outdoor living. Call us today at (425) 414-8885! We offer a free design consultation and nighttime demonstration.

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