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Garden Lighting and Tree Lighting for Your Greater Seattle Home

With the lush greenery and amazing flowers we can grow here in Seattle it would be a shame to only be able to enjoy it during the day. With homes carved into the forest edge where giant hemlocks and cedars provide an emerald green back drop for our daily lives we enjoy the most unique landscape in the country. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound wants to highlight the lush vegetation on your property so you can enjoy it day and night.

Tree Lighting

The variety of trees in the Greater Seattle area doesn’t even compare with the uniqueness. We are lucky to be part of the Pacific Northwest and its evergreen vegetation starting with the huge Fir, Cedar, and Hemlock trees that are the backdrop of our lives. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound we are honored to create custom lighting to highlight the gorgeous vegetation in your yard. Your Hemlock trees with extremely tall trunks allow us to aim a narrow beam straight up the trunk, highlighting the height of the tree as well as the texture of the trunk creating a beautiful focal point in your yard at night. We might even add 2 or 3 on a particularly large trunk to highlight the gorgeous texture and height from every angle.

Backyard patio with tree lighting
If your east side Seattle yard happens to be graced with a perfect Cedar tree with a wide spread canopy we are able to create a joy to behold when the sun goes down. We’ll place uplights with a wide spread beam to illuminate the entirety of the tree’s large canopy. The kids love playing under your Cedar like it is a natural playground built fort just for them. Allow them to continue playing after dark with a custom outdoor lighting effect. We will help you create lasting memories that will be cherished for the rest of their lives.

Trees and plants
Have you meticulously chosen and groomed the perfect small ornamental tree? Adding a tree amid the flower beds is a lovely way to add height and focus. Don’t let that focus disappear after dark. We’ll cast a wider wash of light to illuminate the far reaches of its canopy so you can show it off day or night. Whether it’s a Japanese maple with its twisting branches and brilliant red or yellow leaves or a Magnolia with its giant waxy white or pink petals, we can add a spotlight under each to illuminate their splendor for all to see.

Outdoor seating area with lighting

Garden Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, illuminating your flower gardens is a task and a treasured opportunity. With the many hues of colors and the strategic placement of each plant, it is our job to accentuate your meticulous hard work. We use our best outdoor lighting artistry to show off your magnanimous color palette without washing out the brilliant depth of each hue. Great garden lighting should show every color to be as true as it is in natural sunlight.

Flower with lighting
We’ll work with you to decide what parts of your landscape provide the best opportunity for illumination. If you have prized Rhododendrons on each side of your entry way we will focus path lights or well lights to highlight the color of the petals. Not only will this show off your prized green thumb, but it will also provide a guiding light for visitors to find the entrance to your home. With the application of a soft wash of light we can pull out every detail in the leaves of your most interesting plants and ring true the most brilliant pinks, purples, reds or whites of your Azalea petals. Allowing you to see in great clarity the results of your meticulous gardening after the sun goes down.

Home at sunset with lighting
With a custom lighting design for your garden we’ll not only light up your most treasured blooms but we’ll also reach your more practical outdoor lighting goals as well. We can use the lighting of your prized garden to illuminate your patio from the perimeter, provide you with the safety of being able to see what is out there, and the security of warding off potential intruders. While achieving these practical goals we’ll still create a magical environment allowing you to enjoy your flower garden at night.

Greenery with specialty lighting

At Outdoor Lighting of Puget Sound we strive to delight each of our customers with the highest quality outdoor lighting design, installation and ongoing service. We offer professional design consultation and exception installation expertise to make sure our customer get exactly what they need for their unique outdoor lighting needs. For a free consultation or to learn more call today at (425) 414-8885.

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