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The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Seattle Home Needs Driveway Lighting

Let Driveway Lighting Be Your Guiding Light Home

Nothing compares to a dark and raining night in the Pacific Northwest. Your commute home from work is already stressful enough, but coming home to a dark driveway can make it even worse. Navigating in at night in stormy or foggy weather can cause you to drive past your home or even damage your landscape and vehicle, especially if you have a winding, steep driveway. With driveway lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, your driveway can guide you home. Discover the top 3 reasons why your home needs driveway lighting.

1. Driveway Lighting Guides You Homedriveway lighting

If you live on a dark street, it’s likely you’ve driven past your home during stormy weather. Just like a runway guides an airplane for landing, driveway lighting can guide you home every night, regardless of the weather. This will save you from accidentally driving past your home or worrying if you’re actually driving on your driveway or not. With LED driveway lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our lighting installers can ensure that every inch of the driveway is visible at night so you can come home safe and sound.

2. Give Guests a Warm Welcome with Seattle Landscape Lighting

If you’re having guests over and they’re going to either drive or walk in your driveway, greeting them with gorgeous driveway lighting and landscape lighting is the perfect way to help them feel welcome. As they walk across your driveway towards your front door, they will feel like they’re on an illuminated runway. Our lighting installers can make their walk even more enchanting by adding Seattle landscape lighting along pathways, in bushes, or use uplighting against tall trees. Since the Pacific Northwest is known for its evergreen trees, it only makes sense to show them off in the dark. This warm greeting will give your guests a memorable first impression of your home.

3. Prevent Damage to Your Yard

If your driveway is so dark that you’ve actually damaged your vehicle or part of your landscape, your home can benefit immensely from driveway lighting. Our outdoor lighting installers can install your driveway lighting with the utmost safety in mind. We will line your driveway with lights so you never have to play the guessing game when driving again. Your car and landscape will thank you!

Driveways in and around Seattle can be curvy and steep creating treacherous conditions when dark. Light up your driveway for safety today. Call today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration.