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Down lighting vs. Uplighting in Seattle

When it comes to creating gorgeous custom Bellevue LED outdoor lighting designs, there are a plethora of fixtures and techniques at our disposal. A large portion of our lighting techniques fit under two categories; uplighting and downlighting. Their names do a great job of explaining what they are, but the resulting lighting effects are anything but obvious.


Downlighting is essentially lighting a space with a light that shines down from above.


Our favorite down lighting technique is called moonlighting. Achieved by hanging a light high above outdoor living spaces or landscapes in a nearby tree. The light washes the area with light from above. With light dancing through the branches of the tree, we create lovely “Moon” shadows that mimic the effect of a hunter’s moon across your outdoor space.

Down lighting is especially practical in outdoor kitchens, above outdoor dining areas, and under covered porches. By hanging light in the rafters or roof of the structure, we provide essential task lighting that makes your functional outdoor spaces even more so.


Uplighting is the opposite of down lighting. Regularly achieved with focal lighting, a light is placed in the ground or mounted and aimed upwards onto the item we are illuminating.

Focal lighting is best achieved with uplighting. Uplighting is flexible in the breadth and brightness for custom lighting that fits any objective. For instance, lighting a Japanese Maple may require a wide wash up into the widest width of its canopy to achieve the desired effect. But when illuminating the texture and color of your home’s stone veneer siding, we may narrow the beam to focus up to the peak of your highest gable so the light skips across the stone surface, highlighting color and depth while still calling attention to the height of your roofline.

When uplighting is used thoughtfully around a landscape and home for creating points of focus, the results can be stunning. Your home will become the envy of the neighborhood, precisely illuminated to make it inviting, but not showy. Uplighting is one of our favorite techniques because if its flexibility and resulting understated elegance.

If you’re considering adding LED outdoor lighting to your Seattle or Bellevue home, call today. At Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Puget Sound, we offer a free nighttime demonstration, allowing you to see the amazing results of a custom outdoor lighting design before committing. (425) 414-8885