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Seattle Commercial Outdoor Lighting: Perfect for Every Brick & Mortar Business

Choosing cost-effective investments to improve your Seattle business can be tricky. There is so much to consider: Is this going to help my business grow? Is this going to help me reach my quarterly and yearly goals? What it the return on this investment? Is this going to cost me a great deal to run and maintain? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we can assess your location’s current outdoor lighting situation and work with you on a budget and design that will meet your needs. From enhancing your guest experience in hospitality and dining to calling attention to your existence with sign & entry lighting to adding safety and security for nighttime business – LED commercial outdoor lighting might be the lynch pin your business needs this year.


Owning a business that depends on creating a special environment for guests and clients can be a tricky endeavor. Your target demographic can be quite finicky with changed trends and new competition. Adding well designed professional LED outdoor lighting to your hotel, night club or restaurant’s outdoor guest areas can be the thing that puts you a cut above the rest. Giving your guests a glorious environment to enjoy the great outdoors at your Commercial Entry Lightingbusiness is something your clients will tell their friends and family, giving you the word-of-mouth your business can capitalize on.


LED outdoor lighting is not just for guest-focused businesses. Every Seattle area business that relies on its physical location can benefit from professionally designed lighting. The perfect lighting design can call attention to your business for nighttime customers. LED outdoor lighting makes your signage visible and your entrance inviting. Make sure your customers know you exist and are open after dark with LED commercial outdoor lighting.


Pathway LightingThe livelihood of a business is not solely focused on selling and revenue. There is a great deal of liability and risk to control for every type of business. Adding LED commercial outdoor lighting to entrances, windows, and landscaping lowers your liability in two key ways. First, would be criminals are significantly deterred by lighting, lowering your risk of theft and loss. Secondly, your customers will enjoy safe well-lit entrances and walkways, limiting your liability for injuries and lawsuits.

LED outdoor lighting is a great choice for every business. It uses 80% less energy than low-voltage outdoor lighting and LED bulbs last for years. Your cost to run an LED outdoor lighting system at your business will easily be negated by the benefits, and then some. If you’re looking to push your business to the next level, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today! (425) 414-8885