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Sammamish Outdoor Lighting

Living in Sammamish is all about the great outdoors. With a picturesque mountain lake offering some stunning scenery, outdoor activities are abundant. Living up on the plateau in such spectacular surroundings, it is crucial to make the most of outdoor living with the best in Seattle outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound. Outdoor lighting for your Sammamish home can extend the function of your outdoor living space, illuminate your gorgeous home and highlight your unique landscape.

Deck Lighting

Sammamish Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living

Backyard outdoor living is the number one reason people look for Sammamish outdoor lighting solutions. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a view of the lake from your backyard retreat, you know it is a spectacular event when the sun sets. But don’t be chased in by the nightfall. Your backyard offers a fabulous spot for entertaining on the weekends or relaxing after a long day at work. With the addition of deck lighting or patio lighting we can offer you a tranquil place to rejuvenate even after the longest work days or weeks.

Sammamish Outdoor Lighting for Illuminating your Classic Arts & Crafts Home

If you’ve ever traveled outside of the Pacific Northwest, you probably have noticed we are lucky to enjoy distinctive home designs that you just don’t see everywhere. With the combination of our hilly landscape, large evergreen trees and arts & crafts inspiration, our homes are as uniquely Sammamish as our landscape. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound can illuminate your home’s outstanding character for a gorgeous nighttime effect. Curb appeal is not just for daylight hours. With proper Sammamish outdoor lighting, nighttime visitors and passersby can enjoy the artfully crafted gabled roof, wide overhangs, rafter tails, exposed beams and wide stone faced columns of your Craftsman home. The depth and texture of every architectural feature will be transformed to be as lovely as in the sunlight, but with a new enigmatic touch.

Sammamish Outdoor Lighting for Highlighting Your Gorgeous Landscaping

Sammamish landscape lighting is a perfect way to gently illuminate the outer perimeters of your sprawling property, the ever-changing landscape beds close to the house and all of your favorite focal features, trees and shrubs. By creating points of light throughout your property we accomplish two goals, 1. We get to show off the size of your property and all the fantastic landscape features throughout it and 2. We invite your evening guests to mingle farther out so they don’t feel limited to your deck or patio space. The artfully designed and masterfully installed LED landscape lighting will be yours to enjoy, making home the best place to spend quality time outdoors.

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