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Seattle Landscape Lighting: Choosing the Perfect Features to Illuminate

Part of the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives difference is our focus on you and your exact Seattle landscape lighting needs and desires. To properly begin designing a custom landscape lighting system, we first need to know what items on your property are going to be featured. Through focal lighting, we can make sure your favorite landscape accessories such as sculptures, fountains, decorative trees, and water features get the attention they deserve. Do you have a pergola, arbor, or trellis featuring gorgeous climbing vines or an award-winning rhododendron? Any feature on your property can be one of the several focal points for your entire lighting system. Now, you just have to choose! We have a few ideas to spark your imagination and result in a gorgeous subtle aesthetic:

Unique Outdoor Elements

The Pacific Northwest is a glorious place to live, mostly because of the broad array of people who have varying interests, lifestyles, artistries, and eccentrics. Each house becomes a home in Seattle thanks to the person or family living there who make their mark on the property inside and out. Unique outdoor elements such as an antique carriage wheel, a prized Palm tree (yes, Palms can grow here), a fountain passed down from your Grandmother, an Asian inspired Pagoda, or stone pillars lining your driveway are unique ways in which you express your personality. Allow us to focus your Seattle outdoor lighting on these favorite features so you can enjoy them at night.

Functional Elements for Navigation

There are many ways lighting can help you, and your guests navigate to your home and around your property at night. Choose the right focal elements to maximize ease of navigation. Is your home hidden in the woods? Illuminate the address sign at the road to help your guests find you at night. Do you live in a neighborhood where many houses look similar? Add a unique element near the curb and illuminate it with landscape lighting. “I’m half-way down the block, on the left, with the Seattle Seahawks banner illuminated by the curb.” Add path lighting near rocks, steps, or obstacles to make it easy and safe to get around your property at night. Imagine a gorgeous line of path lights leading from your home to a hidden garden, gazebo, or other outdoor living space that might not be attached to your home.

Majestic or Ornamental Trees Abound

Trees are a favorite outdoor lighting focus in Seattle. So much so that we devote an entire tree lighting page to them! But we would be remiss not to mention them in regards to choosing your landscape lighting focal features. Our best advice is to choose your favorite trees first and build your system from there. Whether it is a tall, towering Fir or a brand new baby Japanese Maple, we have the perfect solution to highlight your trees for nighttime enjoyment.

At Outdoor Lighting of Puget Sound, we strive to delight each of our customers with the highest quality, custom landscape lighting design, installation and ongoing service. For a free consultation or to learn more call today at (425) 414-8885.