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Bellevue Garden Lighting for a Wonderful Winter Landscape

Bellevue gardens are a pleasure to behold all year long. Spring brings rhodie blooms to relish, summer has lush green foliage and bright blossoms aplenty, and fall is all about the leaves changing, but your winter garden has plenty to enjoy too! From new found beauty in deciduous trees freed of their leaves for the winter, lush evergreen shrubs, hardscapes, and garden accessories, you can enjoy a transformed winter garden during long nights with Bellevue garden lighting.

Bellevue Garden Lighting for Trees

Intricate patterns of strong, majestic branches are enjoyed in your deciduous trees during the winter months. While trees are typically loved most for their greenery, there is just something fascinating about the mysterious magical way a tree grows and supports itself. This beauty can be best enjoyed in winter with tree lighting due to the early winter sunsets. Bellevue tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound will highlight your trees beauty with our without its greenery for year-round delight.

Evergreens Should Be Seen

From evergreen shrubs to evergreen trees, Bellevue enjoys a lush landscape all-year long. While spring may bring your rhododendrons to life, during winter, their deep green leaves provide dense winter foliage to your landscape. But the real magic is in our trees. From Firs to Pines and Hemlocks, we enjoy more green trees in the winter than most of the country. From our landscape lights to our focal lights, we’ll highlight all of your winter greenery with the best-LED garden lighting available.

Hardscapes & Garden Accessories

Stair LightingEvery Bellevue garden is one-of-a-kind. From the size, placement, and the plants you choose to the personality you exude with accessories and hardscapes, your garden is distinctly yours. With that, we’ll create a custom garden lighting plan that fits your exact needs for a gorgeous garden in winter and every season. You’re favorite statue, fountain, flag, or structure will be visible for nighttime enjoyment. Your hardscapes will have subtle ambient illumination for visibility and function. No matter what your Bellevue garden features, we’ll make it shine!

If you’re interested in Bellevue garden lighting to create a gorgeous year-round landscape, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today. We offer complimentary design consultations and a nighttime demonstration. (425) 414-8885