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How Does Seattle LED Landscape Lighting Handle the Snow?

It has been an unusually snowy winter already here in the greater Seattle area with some areas already receiving multiple snowfalls and we could see more before spring arrives. We sometimes hear from clients when the weather is unusually cold or snowy as they are curious about how their LED landscape lighting will hold up in the wintery weather. We’re pleased to tell you our landscape lights hold up wonderfully in the snowy weather and the beautiful powder is one of the best reasons to have our professional-grade Seattle landscape lighting.

Yard covered in snow with pathway lighting

Dazzling Snowy Nights

One of our favorite times to enjoy beautifully-designed landscape lighting is during snowy weather. As the sun sets over the snowy landscape, the LED landscape lights reflect off dazzling glittery landscapes to eliminate the winter darkness and replace it with a magnificent scene.

With snow being a rare treat in Seattle and temperatures rarely being too cold to enjoy it, bundle up, grab a cup of coffee and take a leisurely stroll around your property to enjoy the beauty. Or clean the snow off your patio furniture, and turn on your outdoor fireplace or fire pit for a snowy evening in your favorite outdoor space.

Safe Navigation in the Snow

Not only a joy to behold, path lighting and landscape lighting creates much-needed washes of lights along walkways and stairs for safe navigation during slippery winter conditions. With potential ice, it is important to see each and every step you take across your Seattle landscape after dark.

Brilliant Lighting Shines Through Snow

Our lights typically shine right through the little bit of snow we get. But, if we ever do get more than a few inches at a time, you can simply take a broom and brush some of the snow off to allow your lights to shine at full capacity right away.

Front yard and home covered in snow

While we often talk about the lush vegetation and the glorious Seattle summer nights, we don’t often get to relish a gorgeous snowy landscape. We encourage you to make every moment of every type of weather we are so lucky to enjoy here in the greater Seattle area, by adding landscape lighting to your walkways, landscapes, and outdoor living spaces. Call us at (425) 414-8885 today for a complimentary design consultation and quote.