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Seattle Landscape Lighting Provides Visibility and Safety for Your Pets

My goodness, it sure is getting dark early out there!
Couple walking dogLike you, we arrive home from work in the dark every day during the winter months. When the days first get shorter, it can be startling to have it be dark already as we still need to walk the dog. It becomes tempting just to stay indoors where it is cozy and warm. Don’t let the darkness envelop you and interrupt your routine after work. Your dog has been stuck inside all day and deserves to get out! Add Seattle landscape lighting to your home to guide the way and keep your fur baby happy and healthy.

Landscape Lighting for Pet Owners

Having a fenced yard is great for dog owners. You can let your dog out, and he/she can run around and play for exercise and enjoyment. But when you get home after dark each day, it might cause you great anxiety to not be able to see your pet as he or she wanders around and explores your yard at night. You may also have trouble playing fetch or Frisbee because the visibility is so low. With the addition of landscape lighting, you can add just the right amount of light to give you peace-of-mind when your dog is outside and enough visibility for evening playtime.

Path Lighting for Evening Walks

If your dog requires a walk each evening, you could be facing a great deal of hazardous conditions around your home in the dark of a winter evening. Whether it is a dark pathway leading to the sidewalk or a dark walking trail on your property, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound can help. With path lighting and landscape lighting around your yard, leading to and from where you walk your dog, you can enjoy sure-footing and more security for evening walks with man’s best friend.

If your property could use more illumination for the safety and health of your beloved pets, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today. (425) 414-8885 We offer top-quality custom landscape lighting design, installation, and service – serving all of the greater Seattle area.