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Daytime Benefits of Seattle Landscape Lighting

The majority of our work in designing stunning Seattle landscape lighting systems focuses on the nighttime beauty, safety, and security our lighting creates. However, during certain times of the year, we are reminded of some of the collateral benefits of landscape lighting at area homes. Have you ever left for work or arrived home in a foggy, drizzly, half-light? We have too! When the weather is mild, rain and fog can create the perfect need for landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting for Constant Visibility

Seattle weather is moderate and often moist. And unlike the tourists who visit us armed with their umbrellas, we just flip up our hoods and carry on with our everyday tasks. We take hikes, we ride bikes, and we make the most of the stunning Pacific Northwest landscapes no matter what the weather brings.

Wooden steps at a residence with pathway lighting

To that end, we can prepare our lives for anything mother nature throws our way. In addition to having the proper attire and gear, we can outfit our homes. Landscape lighting is a great way to make sure you can safely navigate your property during less than perfect Seattle days.

To achieve visibility, we recommend a few landscape lighting tricks.

1. Path lighting is perfect for guiding you from your home to the garage, driveway, or sidewalk. And with many of us facing steep stairs, lighting is invaluable for safety. Our copper and brass path lights withstand the weather and patina beautifully.

2. Tree lighting achieves intrigue and interest around your property while giving you guiding points of light to get your bearings during times of fog or low-visibility.

3. Driveway lighting will ensure that you stay safe and on track as you come and go.

4. Hardscape lighting in your retaining walls are a perfect way to subtly add a guiding light to the large structures that could most easily be bumped into on a foggy morning. It is also a great place for stair lighting if you have a structural wall on one side or the other.

Did you know that landscape lighting is not just for the dark? It is beneficial at any time additional visibility is needed. To add an additional layer of safety to your property, get started today with a design consultation. Call now at (425) 414-8885!