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Woodinville Landscape Lighting Shines a Spotlight on the Family Life

Crunching gravel and joyful laughter filled the yard while we refurbished and expanded this Woodinville landscape lighting system. As the family’s three children ran laps around us and asked inquisitive questions about what we were doing, we had a true sense of their need for great landscape lighting; family fun!

Living in the beautiful Tuscany area of Woodinville often means a love of outdoor living and the family life. Combining those two things is what drove these homeowners to call us to refurbish an old landscape lighting system that just wasn’t cutting it any longer. To address their needs for nighttime beauty and family fun, we refurbished the entire system to get it up and running again, but also add new lights in a few key areas.

Lit rock pathway at night

Water Feature Lighting

Water features are stunning while adding tranquility to any property they inhabit. With custom landscape lighting around the perimeter of this waterfall, the family was able to not only hear the peaceful water flow but also see the natural landscape around it exuding the aura of a backyard retreat. To accomplish this feat, we focused on the lovely rock surround as well as the trees and foliage framing the small pond.

Hot Tub

There is nothing like a comforting warm soak in the hot tub at the end of a long day. With two lattice privacy walls, we were able to add custom length LED festive lighting to the top of the lattice. These fun lights will tolerate the weather and can hang permanently. They also emit just the right amount of light for the perfect relaxing hot tub experience.

Outdoor hot tub at night

A Beacon to a Fun Sitting Area

We used classic path lighting to line the gravel path leading to a magical sitting area nestled at the top of stone stairs. The area provides a fun place for the children to play make-believe, or for the parents to sit at a bistro set with their coffee watching the children run around the yard. No matter who is going to use it, finding this sanctuary at night with fantastic path lighting and a few landscape lights, is a necessity for maximizing use.

We love our clients! Every client has different needs and goals and every client provides us with a unique experience to enjoy during design and installation. We truly are honored to have been able to provide this cool, fun, and active family with the landscape lighting they needed to make their backyard beautiful and fun for everyone! If you’d like to help your family get more of your yard – give us a call at (425) 414-8885 today for a landscape lighting design consultation.