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The Value of Choosing the Best Seattle Landscape Lighting Company

We talk a lot about what makes us different from other landscape lighting and outdoor lighting providers.

We are so completely focused on great service and a seamless process, that we can get carried away with the activities that make us so great. Sorry, we’re not sorry.

That being said, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk more about what YOU enjoy long-term after working with our landscape lighting team. And that is value! You’ll revel in the value of your lighting investment for years and decades to come! (As long as you live in your home!)

The Power of Nationwide Collaboration. Locally-Owned and Operated!

Being part of a nationwide network of lighting experts gives us a head-start on the value and quality we offer our clients. From having influence with our numbers to having someone, somewhere who has seen that, done that, fixed that, we have the experienced pros to tackle any unique landscape lighting design or installation.

20 Years Outdoor Lighting Perspectives logo

The best lights

Start with copper and brass! We don’t use powder-coated aluminum. It just doesn’t last. The coating chips, it can’t withstand weather or regular wear and tear. We want you to have lights that will last for years and years, in fact, our lights come with a lifetime warranty.

We also enjoy great buying power and influence over our lighting manufacturers. They must meet quality standards that far exceed that of our competitors. We also work closely with them to design new lights and adjust the design of existing lights so they will work for you and the changing needs of homeowners today!

The best lighting designers

Integrity is vital to us. As a team and a brand, we won’t over-sell you. This means when we create a custom landscape lighting design, it will be formulated with peak beauty, and function in mind and nothing more. We frequently find competitors trying to over-light a home. It is an embarrassment to the art and the industry to see a home illuminated brighter than the Seattle Great Wheel. You don’t need the entire city and Sound seeing your home at night. You need subtle lighting for ambiance and visibility and nothing more.

Meticulous and thoughtful lighting installation

Best practices in lighting installation are that much easier to perfect when you have millions of landscape lighting installations occurring across the continent each year. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we keep in close contact with one another. Whenever something new, interesting, unique, or successfully solved comes across our plates, we share it with the group nationwide. Additionally, we reach out to the group to solve local-level challenges and create unique designs that win awards, but most important thrill the homeowner! Chances are, if you have a unique lighting challenge, someone in our twenty-year history has a solution – which means we all have the solution.

In addition to solutions and best practices being perfected, we are thoughtful. We leave your yard the way we would leave our own. While there is no doubt we will have to disrupt your landscape, we repair it to the extent we can so it can heal quickly and you can enjoy the maximum benefit of a beautiful yard and beautiful lights!

Front yard and driveway leading up to a home, all with special lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we have the best-LED landscape lights available. We have access to new lighting solutions to meet your specific needs. And we won’t over-sell you. Our copper and brass landscape lighting systems are not meant to be the most affordable, but they are meant to pack the most value. A little more upfront cost per fixture and you’ll enjoy decades more beauty and function than with the other landscape lighting providers! Call us (425) 414-8885 today for your free nighttime lighting demonstration. 

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett