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Not Everyone Who Offers Lighting is a Seattle Outdoor Lighting Company You Can Rely On

If a landscaper or irrigation company has offered to install outdoor lighting at your home or place of business, we hope we have your attention. These companies are not the ones you want to hire for the design and installation of outdoor lighting on your property. This is true whether you are considering residential or commercial outdoor lighting.

What’s wrong? you may ask. They do good work. Ah, they may be good at landscaping or good at irrigation. But lighting? No, not really. Don’t believe them when they tell you they can do just as good a job as we can do. We are the gold standard. When it comes to outdoor lighting, they are amateurs.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Outdoor Lighting to Other Kinds of Companies

Lighting fixture

We love outdoor lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, it’s all we do. We have trained in this field, and we have years of experience doing this work. No landscaper or irrigator has the training, experience or dedication that we bring to this job.

Landscapers and irrigators offer lighting as a side job to fill a gap and keep their crew busy during their “off-season.” They don’t focus on outdoor lighting year-round, don’t invest in specialized training or high-quality fixtures and won’t be available for maintenance or repairs if something goes wrong. If they call it “landscape lighting” to indicate that they own it because they’re landscapers … No. We do not provide landscaping services, and they do not provide professional outdoor lighting. If anyone ever says to you, “And we do outdoor lighting, too”—walk away. The word “too” is your signal.

Which Seattle Outdoor Lighting Company Should You Trust With Your Lighting?

First of all, you need to work with a real outdoor lighting company that has a stellar reputation in the community. One that specializes in all types of outdoor lighting as their only line of work, not a sideline. One that offers a free nighttime demonstration so you can “try out” our custom outdoor lighting design for your home before you commit. That would be us: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound.

We have a slogan that we live by: The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Difference. Are you familiar with that difference?

  • First, we don’t just install outdoor lighting, we custom design a lighting plan for each property that we work on. Every home is unique, so each lighting design is unique, too. Our employees who come to your home are professional lighting designers and professional installation technicians.
  • Before we can design a lighting plan for your property, we view the property with you, and we take the time to listen closely to what you want from your outdoor lighting. We make careful notes and do not forget a detail.
  • If your property presents some kind of lighting challenge, we will do whatever it takes to find the solution.
  • During your installation, we treat your property like our own. We disturb your landscape as little as possible and leave it in pristine condition.
  • To ensure that your installation meets our high-quality standards, we come back after dark to review our work and adjust your system, at night, for the best aesthetics.
  • We provide warranties on our fixtures, lamps, transformers, and timers.
  • We offer comprehensive maintenance plans so we can come back every year to make adjustments, trim back hedges and clean and repair anything affected by weather or other interference. The first year’s maintenance is included with your installation.

Landscape lighting, architectural lighting, commercial and residential outdoor lighting installations: this is what we do. We design, we install, we repair and adjust. We love outdoor lighting! Nothing makes us happier than seeing an outdoor lighting job done right. If someone else says they can do what we do for a lower price, well, we hope you don’t believe them, and we certainly hope you don’t pay them. Instead, invest in a high-quality lighting job with the Seattle outdoor lighting company that stands behind their work: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound. You will not be disappointed.

If you’re ready to experience the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives difference, call today at (425) 414-8885! We service and retrofit existing outdoor lighting systems, even if they were installed by someone else.