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No Landscape to Illuminate? Seattle Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Every Outdoor Space


Close up of cluster lights hanging, with tree leaves in the background

A love of the outdoors is an attractive part of living in Seattle. That being said, many of the best outdoor spaces are found around the Puget Sound, Lake Washington, city parks and surrounding hiking hot spots. For many city-dwelling outdoor lovers, this means there is no need for a large outdoor space at home, so many don’t have much. Does your home feature a balcony, deck, or patio without any landscaping? If so, you might think landscape lighting is not for you. But you quite likely still want to use your space day or night. So you might be wondering, how do I illuminate my space when I have no landscape for lighting? Well, we offer landscape lighting that doesn’t need the landscape!

And it doesn’t have to be a floodlight mounted above your porch, blinding the neighbors and attracting summer bugs.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we have subtle solutions to fit every home’s outdoor space no matter the size, shape, or vegetation.

So, how do we illuminate city lots, balconies, and condo patios? Professional-quality, LED, bistro lights! They are perfect for almost any space of any size.

The Lifestyle Benefits of an Illuminated Outdoor Space

If your living in a city apartment, house, or condo, chances are your square footage is not massive. Extending your living space to the outdoors is a perfect solution. So if you have a deck, patio, or small courtyard, illuminating it with custom bistro lighting can provide you with some fantastic benefits for improving your lifestyle.

A perfect space for an evening glass of wine or a morning cup of coffee.

An area to entertain friends that maximizes the views you may have.

An always festive feeling for whatever the day’s celebration may be, a victory at work, a friend’s birthday, or a little league win.

A space removed from your indoor rooms so adults can separate from the kids, or the non-football fan can escape the game-watching party for a quiet conversation.

Why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for Your Custom Bistro Lighting Design & Installation

Custom bistro lighting is extremely versatile. It is perfect for your unique outdoor area, transforming a patio, deck or balcony into a nighttime retreat. But that versatility is much more valuable with a professional outdoor lighting designer in your corner.

We custom string your lights to the exact lengths you need to create the precise lighting system to meet your needs and desires. We’ll install poles if necessary and make sure the resulting aesthetic creates the feeling you enjoy.

Our LED bistro lights also come with a five-year warranty. So if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

These lights are not just for parties and friends, they are for everyday enjoyment by you and your family. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at (425) 414-8885 today to learn how our custom versatile LED bistro lights can light up your life.