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Seattle Front Porch Lighting That Will Knock Your Socks (and Shoes) Off

The front porch is your home’s opportunity to greet guests, delivery men, and your family upon arrival. The standard Seattle front porch has either a sconce light next to the door or a ceiling light recessed into the ceiling of their front porch roof. These lights certainly provide utility and function, but would you say your porch lights create a warm welcome that reflects your home’s charm and your personal style?

Maybe not.

Front of home with special lighting

Creative Front Porch Lighting

As your best choice for Seattle outdoor lighting design, we have creative solutions for your porch lighting needs. Your porch has unique character of its own, as does your home, and it is our duty to utilize that to the full extent for our porch lighting design.

Porch Columns?
One of our favorite techniques is to use LED focal lighting on porch columns. We can shine lights up from the ground to the roofline to highlight this classic architectural feature. If your columns have stone, brick, or other texture, we’ll be sure the natural beauty of the material shows its best face after the sun sets in the Sound.

Porch Railings?
Railings are a perfect opportunity for porch lighting. Our stunning deck lighting works beautifully on porch railings for ambient lighting to create a lovely glow and a warm welcome.

Custom Seattle Porch Lighting

Our lighting design process means we come to your home and learn about what you want and need. We’ll work with you to learn your personal style and your unique needs to create a porch lighting design that will fulfill both function and desire. So while we listed a few ideas for your porch above, there are many more ideas out there and even more to be discovered.

You are one-of-a-kind. Your home is one-of-a-kind. Your porch is one-of-a-kind. Together with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we can create a singular custom porch lighting design that exudes your style, your home, and your life to welcome you home each and every day. A lighting design that makes guests feel welcome and makes passersby wonder why they didn’t think of that first!

Call us at (425) 414-8885 today to schedule your at-home outdoor lighting demonstration and design consultation. We look forward to meeting you.