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Illuminate Your Home’s Charm with Bellevue Exterior Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we love to light up the gorgeous homes of Bellevue. There is nothing like the variety and architecture found in the Pacific Northwest and the residential neighborhoods in Bellevue are a shining example of this distinction. From craftsman to modern to transitional, there are no two home exterior lighting design projects the same. While every home exterior deserves to be illuminated, below is a list of our favorite materials to highlight.

Shaker Siding

Shaker siding offers a fabulous canvas for illumination. With strategically placed focal lighting washing up the side of your shaker siding home, every shingle enjoys added depth and texture.

Natural Stone

When it comes to natural stone or stacked stone veneer on your Bellevue home’s exterior, the focus of our outdoor lighting design will be to highlight the natural shape and texture of each stone. Whether your stone is matte or glossy, we’ll create a brilliant lighting design that allows that stone to be as stunning at night as it is during the day.

Classic Brick

Brick homes are a classic for a reason. When we wash gorgeous uplighting in intervals between windows and doors, homeowners enjoy an understated elegance that can’t be matched. As the light catches each brick’s texture and color, it creates shadows in the mortar that bring the home to life.


During the bright light of the day stucco can appear to be a completely flat surface, but as you look closer, it offers a subtle texture that is just stunning. When we apply LED outdoor lighting across the surface from just the right angle, that nuanced texture comes to life for beautiful nighttime intrigue.

Modern Materials

New modern style Bellevue homes are popping up every day. With their minimalist straight lines and unique materials, modern homes look like functional pieces of art. Whether it is cement fiber panels, wood strip siding or corrugated steel nothing enhances modern home design like LED outdoor lighting.

No matter what architectural design or material you home features, adding Bellevue exterior home lighting will add curb appeal and charm. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we look forward to creating a custom design architectural lighting system that is perfect for your unique home. Call today for a free nighttime demonstration. (425) 414-8885