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How Does Your Rhododendron Glow?

Every year we patiently await rhodie season. When the rhododendrons bloom, we know summer is on the horizon. Does your Kirkland property feature spectacular rhododendrons that steal the show? From small shrubs to larger than a house, when the rhododendrons bloom it is a sight to behold. While they bloom longer each season than many flowering shrubs, rhodie season can never be long enough. Enjoy your rhodie blooms at night with help from Kirkland landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound.

Tree Lighting for Your Large Rhododendron

Is your rhododendron decades old and as big as a house? Tree-sized rhododendrons in Kirkland are a spectacular display of nature at its finest. Illuminating large rhododendrons we use similar lighting techniques as for tree lighting. Depending on the height and width of your rhodie, we’ll use an uplight (or two) to shine light high into the branches and wide across the blooms.

Landscape Lighting for Your Medium to Small Roadies

Illuminating small to medium rhododendrons with LED landscape lighting creates a lovely subtle elegance. With a gentle wash from the ground, the stunning fuchsia, lavender and white blooms look more vibrant than in the harsh light of the day. Depending on the location of your rhododendron we may still choose to add a focal light, but if it is among your landscape beds or along the front of your home’s exterior we love the subtle results of our inconspicuous brass and copper landscape lights.

Don’t let your rhodie go unnoticed at night. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound for a free nighttime demonstration for all of your gorgeous Kirkland landscape lighting needs. (425) 414-8885