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Focal Lighting for Your Favorite Seattle Outdoor Space

Treehouse LightingYou’ve dreamt your entire life. That perfect outdoor structure that will make your home and yard exactly what you’ve always wanted. Whether you searched and searched for that house with the perfect treehouse tree or you’ve scrimped and saved to build a large pergola or gazebo, your specialty outdoor living structure should be functioning all day and all night for your enjoyment. Not only that, your dream deserves to be seen after the glorious sunsets each day. Now that you are enjoying relaxation and entertaining in your dream outdoor space, add function and focus with Seattle outdoor lighting to illuminate it.

There are many lighting design techniques and an endless possibility of outdoor features to illuminate in outdoor lighting design. But nothing beats creating a functional focal feature out of a specialty outdoor structure when a homeowner adores it so. Adding Seattle outdoor lighting to your tree house, pergola, gazebo, pagoda or backyard bridge is our privilege and pleasure.


Pergola LightingIf you’re lucky enough to have a treehouse on your property, it quite likely provides great enjoyment for children and adults alike. To keep the fun alive, we love to use café lighting to illuminate railings and stairs/ladders alike. Many of our deck lighting techniques are also very useful, depending on the intricacy of your treehouse design. From post lights and tread lights to moonlighting hung above the treehouse, when it comes to Seattle treehouse lighting we let the treehouse inspire our most creative outdoor lighting designs.


There are many techniques for Seattle pergola, pagoda and gazebo lighting, depending on the homeowner’s needs. While we may use festive café lights for pagoda lighting at a home built for entertaining, a quiet backyard gazebo might get a few subtle spotlights to create a shining focal feature. Alternatively, we may use very purposeful down lighting to add task lighting inside a pergola with an outdoor kitchen underneath. Whatever your favorite outdoor structure is, we’ll add the right outdoor lighting to meet your specific aesthetic and functional needs.


Whether it is an intricate part of your backyard waterscape or koi pond or a functional feature over a backyard stream, creating a focal feature out of your backyard bridge with outdoor lighting creates a magnificent sight. From classic deck lighting to festive café lights on the railings, we can create a backyard bridge you and your guests will relish after dark.

If you have a very special feature in your Seattle yard that is perfect for creating a nighttime focal feature, call today. (425) 414-8885