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WARNING: A Nighttime Outdoor Lighting Demonstration Will Blow Your Mind

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has become a trusted nationwide brand for our commitment to customer satisfaction, our quality outdoor lighting fixtures and our emphasis on outdoor lighting design. One of the ways in which we deliver the exceptional experience you’ll get as an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound client is through our nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. This exclusive complimentary design consultation is crucial to discovering how your home and property can be transformed with outdoor lighting before you commit to the investment.

Tree Lighting


After an initial property walk-through and discussion about you & your family’s outdoor living needs, our team will get to work designing an outdoor lighting system to meet the goals as discussed. When demonstration day arrives, we’ll come to your home before sunset and set up temporary outdoor lighting as designed. We try to time it just right so that the lights are ready to be turned on and viewed right after the sun sets.


There is an exciting moment at every outdoor lighting demonstration where we hand you the on/off switch. We stand together in your yard with a perfect view of the lighting design and let you flip the switch. Watching your reaction as your home & property is transformed is the most enjoyable part of what we do. Typically the reaction is something like “Oh My”, followed by a switching of the lights back off and then back on a few times to really get a feel for the Before & After. This moment is magical and unforgettable, making it hard for you to imagine your house without the lights.


While we find that seeing is believing is the best benefit of a nighttime demonstration, there are many practical benefits as well. With you seeing the custom design before the lights are installed, an opportunity is presented to customize your lighting design even further. You might notice you want lighting in an area you never considered or that you want to try a light over here, or over there. We are happy to move lights around to give you a full preview. All-in-all this results in a more satisfied client and a smoother installation process. The cherry on top: it is just plain fun. We have fun, you have fun and the experience is just an enjoyable one.

If you’re interested in seeing your home transformed by Seattle outdoor lighting, call today for your free nighttime demonstration. (425) 414-8885