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Add Curb Appeal to Your Seattle Home with Architectural and Landscape Lighting

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the same goes for your home. Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing your friends, family and neighbors see. Making your home’s exterior and landscaping pristine and neat is a sure fire way to create a lasting first impression. And with the days getting shorter, your opportunity to make your curb appeal shine at night is about to be exponentially greater.


Don’t let your beautiful home and hard work in landscaping go unnoticed at night. There are many outdoor lighting treatments that can be used to make your home have as good, or better curb appeal at night as it does during the day. Starting from your curb with tree lighting, and moving right up to the house with landscape lighting and exterior lighting – your home will shine with just right amount of illumination.


The trees that populate the front of your yard add a great deal of character and privacy to your home. From small decorative trees, to large shade providing trees we have just the right outdoor lighting to enhance their beauty at night. With a large shade tree we may shine an uplight right up the trunk to pick up on the height of the branches and enormity of the tree. But we may choose to hang a light up in the tree to provide a warm wash of light onto an adjoining path. With interesting shadows created by the trees branch, your pathway will have a warm inviting feeling that still allows for safe navigation.

Exterior House Lighting

When it comes to smaller more ornamental trees such as the Japanese Maple, we take a slightly different approach. By shining an uplight with a wider wash up into the tree’s wide spread branches we get an entirely different effect. By highlighting the tree’s wide canopy we create a focal point amid your flower beds that carries over the gorgeous look you achieve during the day time.


Lining the front of your home with beautiful flower beds and shrubbery is a sure fire way to increase your home’s curb appeal. When a passerby walks by and sees your beautifully tended landscaping they can be sure that you take great care of your home and yard. By adding a custom designed landscape lighting system to your flower beds you can create gorgeous night time curb appeal while creating a welcoming effect for anyone arriving at your home after the sun sets. Nothing is more inviting than having beautiful outdoor lights to provide safe navigation from the street or driveway up to your home.


With the addition of exterior lights on the front facade of your Seattle home you can complete the night time curb appeal trifecta. With gentle spot lights shining up the front of your home, visitors can see the height of your roof peaks and the beautiful texture of your brick or siding. With just the right spacing we carry over the character your home has in the daytime into the night. With your Seattle home’s unique reliefs, windows, peaks and trim it would be a shame to hide it under the mask of darkness. We pride ourselves in our ability to use shadow as much as light to allow your home’s character to have as much depth during the night as it does during the day.

Exterior House Lighting

Don’t let your Seattle home’s beautiful and hard-earned curb appeal hide in the dark anymore. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we can create a custom-designed outdoor lighting system to make your home shine. Call or email us today at (425) 414-8885 for a free nighttime demonstration.