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An Unexpectedly Warm Summer is a Perfect Reason for Seattle Outdoor Lighting

Everyone in the Seattle area is talking about it. The early spring, the especially warm and sunny weather and the fact that it has lasted this long. With summer being a particularly specific season in Seattle that classically starts after the 4th of July, everyone was surprised by the early warmth this year and how it has mostly stayed warm. In fact, July went down as the hottest month in Seattle history.


Whether the amazingly long and beautiful summer repeats itself next year or not, it is a perfect example of why outdoor lighting for your Seattle home is essential to capitalizing the amazing outdoor living. The Pacific Northwest boasts some of the best scenery in the world with mountain and ocean views from your lush yard. Extending your time outside into the evenings would only increase your enjoyment of this spectacular place we live.


The weather is still warm, but the sun is setting earlier and earlier every day. By the time you run errands, drive home and cook dinner the sun might begin starting to get closer to sizzling into the ocean. With most of your free time being in the evenings, outdoor lighting will ensure you can get out in your yard and enjoy these gorgeous summer nights.

Tree Lighting


The best way to enjoy this unseasonably warm weather is to relax on your deck or patio with friends. A cool drink and great friends and family will help you soak up every minute of this record-breaking Seattle summer. By adding deck or patio lighting you can stay outside until the love and laughter ends for the evening, without having to end the conversation because the sun set.

Not only does outdoor lighting allow you to stay outdoors longer, it also sets a luxurious atmosphere to make that time with family and friends that much more special. As we spend our days working hard and changing the world – those quiet moments with family are essential to being able to maintain our ambitions and continue doing good in the world. Light up your night and your life with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound.

Don’t spend another evening inside because you don’t have outdoor lighting at your Seattle area home. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound we strive to delight each of our customers with the highest quality outdoor lighting design, installation and ongoing service. Call or email us today at (425) 414-8885 for a free nighttime demonstration.