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Seattle Garden Lighting for a Splendid September in Seattle

Seattle is the best place to live, hands-down, any time of the year. With mild weather all year long we don’t have to worry about extremes in any capacity. I have to say though, that September can be one of my favorite months to be outdoors in the great state of Washington. Before the weather turns in October we can count on cool nights and warm days to enjoy outdoor activities very comfortably. One of my favorite activities is to relax and enjoy my garden. Whether I am sitting near it, enjoying a cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine or if I am actually out tending it, September is a great time of year for Seattle garden lovers.


While Rhododendrons are done blooming, their green leaves are still gorgeous along with many other Seattle species to enjoy. From Zinnias and sunflowers to lace flowers and calendula, there are so many blooms to behold in September. A time of golds and oranges to compliment the beginning of the leaves changing means a completely different look in your garden than you had over the summer. It would be a shame to let these gorgeous late summer and early fall bloomers go unnoticed under the cover of autumn’s longer nights.

Yellow Flowers


You’ve spent the summer carefully cultivating your Redmond back yard garden. With the perfect placement and well planned room for growth, fall has arrived and all of your hard work has come to fruition with matured plants covered in blooms. With the perfect outdoor sitting area, you’ve created a zen garden for your whole family to enjoy. Don’t reserve it for coffee in the morning or yoga in the afternoon. Allow your gorgeous garden to get the attention it deserves after dark with garden lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound. With path lights and uplights we can highlight your gorgeous fall blooms while creating just the right amount of ambient light to make your seating area a joyful place to spend time after the sun sets.


When it comes to carefully planned flower beds in the front of your Kirkland home, less is more, but sometimes more is more. Whether you have carefully cultivated a few perennial and annual favorites or you’ve added plenty of miracle grow so your annuals are spilling out of the flower beds by September, you’re flower beds are sure to add curb appeal and life to the front of your home. Don’t let the beauty of your blooms be imprisoned under long dark nights. With the addition of garden lights to your flower beds we can allow the deep golds and bright whites to shine even better at night than they do during the day. Whereas the sun may wash out your reds and pinks, outdoor lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives create a subtle effect so your flower gets all the attention and the outdoor lighting fixture goes unnoticed.

Don’t let your Seattle home’s beautiful and hard earned garden be wasted after dark. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound we can create a custom designed outdoor lighting system to make your garden shine. Call or email us today at (425) 414-8885 for a free night time demonstration.