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Long-Lasting LED Outdoor Lighting Seattle

It’s no secret the LED outdoor lighting is the way to go. In Seattle, part of our cost of having extremely long summer days is the extremely long winter nights. To counteract the higher energy use in the winter months, most Seattle outdoor lighting is LED now. In fact, at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, LED is all we do. We have even spent a great deal of time upgrading Halogen lighting systems with an LED outdoor lighting retrofit for 80% lower energy use. But did you know there are additional environmental and cost-savings benefits of our LED outdoor lighting?

Long-Lasting LED Outdoor Lighting Lamps

When our top-quality LED lamps are used in our top-notch, well-maintained outdoor lighting systems, we are able to maximize bulb life. With LED outdoor light bulbs lasting for as many as 40,000-50,000 hours before needing replacing, you’ll enjoy proper illumination for years before you need a new bulb. In fact, if your light is on for 8 hours every single day, you will enjoy great looking light for 14 years before needing a replacement. Saving you 80% on energy but also on bulb replacement as you will only be replacing one bulb for every 10 you would replace in a Halogen system.

Our long-lasting LED lights mean fewer bulbs in landfills, fewer bulbs in production, and they are non-toxic for even further care to the environment.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we care first and foremost about our clients and the quality of the service and lighting systems we provide them. Through this work, we maintain the integrity of our own goals for being good stewards of the Earth and hope we can help you live a green life that doesn’t have to sacrifice the enjoyment of everyday outdoor living at home. If you’re interested in Seattle LED outdoor lighting or an LED outdoor lighting upgrade, give us a call today! (425) 414-8885