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5 Reasons You Need Landscape Lighting at Your Seattle Home

Exterior front of home with special lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we create custom-designed landscape lighting systems for our clients. We don’t push a one-size, pre-packaged, pre-priced lighting system on any of our clients. Each client has a unique property and a unique need for lighting. While an “average” system might be eight or ten lights, we illuminate properties on the large and small end of the spectrum, making the average irrelevant for most.

How do we create a custom landscape lighting design for you?

We start with your unique dreams and needs. From there, the possibilities are endless.

To get you started, please enjoy our list of ideas to determine the purpose of your landscape lighting and identify your dreams for a beautiful nighttime landscape.

1. Aesthetics & Curb Appeal

Modern, craftsman, charming, sleek, tidy landscape or lush vegetation, you work diligently to keep your home how you like it. Why not let it shine in a new light at night with landscape lighting? If beauty and curb appeal are something you want to maximize during the long nights of winter, we can help!

2. Safety

For a portion of the year, you are likely coming and going in the dark more than in the daylight. With proper landscape lighting focused on safety, you’ll be able to navigate your property safely after sunset. From slippery dim paths to curving dark driveways, we can subtly illuminate for safety while adding allure and elegance.

3. Security

Deterring crime is the best method for securing your home. One of the most successful ways to deter crime can be accomplished with lighting. First, we will make sure all of the darkest corners of your property have a little light to take away those shadowy hiding spots. We’ll make sure all the entrances to your home are also well-lit so any intruder would be easy to spot. Lastly, you can add lighting control automation to your system, allowing you to control your lights from anywhere — perfect for that “at home” look when away on business or vacation.

4. Highlight Your Favorite Landscape Feature

Enjoying your most beautiful landscaping elements becomes tricky during the winter. If you work all day, chances are it is dark when you get home, leaving the weekends as your only opportunity. But with the addition of custom uplighting and focal lighting on your faves, they’ll transform into a new treat to enjoy at night. Colors will be richer and truer, interesting textures will be more visible, and magic shadows will be the cherry on top!

5. Create An Outdoor Space for Nighttime Use

Who gets cabin fever in the winter?

Me too!

We are pleased to offer custom deck lighting and patio lighting so you can create a functional living space outdoors. Whether you want to create a quiet, cozy retreat or a perfect place to entertain friends, we’ll make the lighting just right. Don’t cover your grill and vacuum pack your patio furniture cushions for the winter. Flip on the lights and call over some friends for a lovely evening outdoors!

Are you still unsure what purpose your landscape lighting will need to fulfill? Maybe it is all of the above and more? Don’t worry! Our team of expert lighting designers will consult with you closely. They know just what questions to ask and will offer the suggestions. Call us today at (425) 414-8885 to explore your Seattle landscape lighting options or to request a free at-home demonstration.