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Increased Safety & Security with Seattle Outdoor Lighting

Security Lighting Seattle

Gaining security at your Seattle home doesn’t have to mean adding a big expensive security system. With the addition of outdoor lighting you can deter would be criminals with the simple use of light. Potential intruders love to hide in the dark and prey on homes that look unoccupied. If they come upon a home that is illuminated with exterior lighting, they are more than not going to move on to the next, darker home.


Landscape Lighting

When we illuminate your landscape we create areas of light throughout your yard. The result is a lovely landscape that looks as good at night as it does during the day. One of the added benefits is that we actually deter would-be prowlers and intruders because we take away the cover of darkness that they would have previously been able to use to sneak up to your home unnoticed. With landscape lighting there is no place to hide.


Exterior House Lighting

When highlighting the exterior of your Kirkland home with architectural lighting we are hyper focused on enhancing the beauty of your home’s unique features. A well-lit exterior creates luxurious curb appeal and a welcoming effect. What it also does is make your home look always occupied. It is difficult for a criminal to decipher when a home is empty when the exterior is lit up so lovely. Inturders are much less likely to chance it given that every window and door has lights surrounding it – the neighbors would be sure to see them, even if you are not home.

Safety Lighting Seattle

With days getting shorter, it won’t be long before you are arriving home from work in the dark. Safely navigating your property after dark can be a treacherous affair without proper illumination. Not only will you be coming in after dark, but some outdoor chores such as taking out the trash will be completed under the cover of night. With the addition of path lighting, driveway lighting and deck lighting we can illuminate your steps so you can avoid taking a spill on a stray toy that was left out or a garden hose stretched across the walkway.


Arriving home in the dark and possible rain is a normal affair in the winter. With driveway lighting at your Bellevue home you’ll get that warm welcoming feeling when you come home from a long day at work. With path lights to line the driveway and uplights to illuminate the trees or posts at your driveway entrance, your home will be easy to see at night and safer for your arrival.


Path Lighting

When it comes to traveling your property safely at night, nothing does the job like path lighting. With meandering paths around the side, back and front of your property for accessing things like garbage bins, garages and sidewalks you have a great path to travel during the day without trampling your lawn or getting wet feet. At night, the story can be much different as various items can be left on your path, stairs can go unremembered and potential puddles can go unnoticed. No one wants to find that rake that was left out by tripping over it. With our top quality copper and brass path lights you can find your way around your property at night without missing a step.

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