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Outdoor Lighting for Football Night in Seattle

Enjoying Seattle Seahawks football doesn’t mean you have to be down at the stadium tailgating or locked in your house for 3 hours during game time. With slim televisions and wireless connections you can create yourself the ultimate outdoor man cave for football Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays in Seattle. With more primetime games than ever before, creating the ultimate outdoor football party entertainment area is now going to require outdoor lighting.

You have your covered porch converted into the crucial outdoor man cave. You have a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen and a built in refrigerator. You took the time to make sure your television has a spot to hang that will be protected if there is a sudden onset of rain. With a large outdoor entertainment area that is ready to go for an awesome Seahawks game day celebration, your home is the place to be for football games in Seattle.

Outdoor Fireplace

Game Night in Seattle

Nothing beats football in Seattle. The weather is cooling down, sweatshirt season is upon us. You’ve got your Seahawks scarf and hat, you’ve got the warm cider and hot coffee. You’re enjoying the game outside with all your friends in your outdoor covered porch. But, the sun is setting on your Monday night games. Don’t let the setting sun force you to move the party inside. With outdoor lighting on your deck or covered patio we can create a truly festive Seattle Seahawks celebration space that can withstand the setting sun and continue the outdoor tailgate feeling you crave.

Deck lighting can provide safety and function for your outdoor living space. We’ll tuck some lights under your railings and install deck lights into your stair risers for safe navigation in you outdoor space. With lights added on top of your deck posts, we’ll create a softly lit perimeter around your entire deck for gentle illumination of your entire Seahawks party space. We’ll also be sure to add that much needed task lighting to your outdoor kitchen or bar.

Festive Outdoor Lighting

With a covered deck or patio for your outdoor living space, we have fabulous outdoor festive lights we can install for a permanent party feeling. You can create a classic party atmosphere with string lighting or café lighting that will look classy even when it’s not game time. Or better yet, give it a modern special event feel with our unique orb lighting. Whatever your taste is, we have the best outdoor lighting to make your Seattle Seahawks season a winning one.

If you’re interested in putting the finishing touches on your outdoor man cave for hosting parties on game day, call us today at (425) 414-8885