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Bellevue Landscape Lighting – A Perfect Backyard Escape

If you can dream it, we can illuminate it! Bellevue landscape lighting is a perfect way to extend the joy of outdoor living and relaxing into the nighttime. A glass of wine (or a beer), feet up, a cool breeze, great company and you have a recipe for a great life. Don’t go indoors because the sun sets. Enjoying your backyard spaces at night allows observation of stars and the gorgeous night sky, a stunning transformation of your landscape to a magical, mystical retreat, and the extension of your outdoor entertaining time.

Rock pathway through flowers and other greenery, all lit by pathway lighting

Nighttime Transformations

Your roadies are the pride of your landscape. With bright red, white, or pink flowers, you wait on pins and needles each year for them to bloom. But have you have you ever seen a rhododendron glow under the gorgeous effects of Bellevue landscape lighting? Every petal and leaf shows lovely true colors that can be washed out in the glare of the direct sun, or faded under the mist of an overcast day. With light and shadows dancing with each other, a slight breeze can transform your garden into a nighttime show.

Magical Nighttime Retreat

The views from much of Bellevue during the day can feature city skylines and mountain peaks; hard to beat that, right? Not with the addition of Bellevue landscape lighting. Making your backyard into an everyday getaway, landscape lighting transforms your trees and blooms into a mystical retreat where shadows add depth and lighting adds focus to your most treasured features. All of that, and you’ll no doubt find yourself looking up to take in the blanket of stars that complete the picture of an evening outdoors. Whether alone for some decompression or with friends for a celebration, you’ll never get tired of enjoying your backyard at night.

Outdoor stone patio with a table and chairs and special lighting

Nighttime Outdoor Entertaining

If you love to host friends and family for dinner, drinks or a special occasion, Bellevue landscape lighting is a must have. With deck lighting and patio lighting leading the way, your outdoor living spaces become a perfect place to laugh with friends. If you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, adding hardscape lighting for ambiance and visibility is a must. Path lighting leading to the door of your home or around to the front will help guests navigate their way. And no matter how big or small or lush your backyard is, landscape lighting throughout your space is a must for creating a perfect celebratory vibe.

Bellevue landscape lighting is a lovely way to put the finishing touches on your backyard retreat. Whether you enjoy solitude and a cup of coffee, friends and loud music, or something in between, landscape lighting can add beauty and function, leaving you wondering how you ever lived without it. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound at (425) 414-8885 today for a complimentary at home nighttime demonstration.