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Summer in Seattle: How to Create a Tranquil Backyard Retreat Right Here in the City

Enjoying every minute of Seattle’s short summer weather means making the most of your backyard space. Some of our backyard spaces are not very large, but with a bit of ingenuity and all the right details, you can enjoy your property both day and night every time the weather is right.

Patio with table, chairs and an umbrella

Top 10 Ideas to Create a Seattle Backyard Summer Retreat

  1. Multi-Level Outdoor Living: With a deck and patio, or multi-level deck, or a patio under your deck – you can make the most of your property, no matter the size or space. The multiple levels allow you to keep your views from the uppermost level and take advantage of sloping yards by following the natural curve.
  2. Fire: Whether a fireplace or fire pit, having a central meeting space to gather around as the sun sets is an essential way to enjoy your backyard at any time of year. Fire provides warmth in the winter and a place to roast marshmallows in the summer.
  3. Ice: (We couldn’t resist.) But, having an outdoor kitchen or bar with a refrigerator to keep beverages close and cold means fewer trips in and out of the house and more enjoyable entertaining.
  4. Landscape Light: Enjoy the sites of your hard-earned landscape both day and night with new landscape lighting. Your lush Rhodies and giant Firs will create a majestic backdrop to all of your rest, relaxation, and memory-making.
  5. Bring the Indoors Out: Comfortable lounge furniture, plush outdoor pillows, ottomans, outdoor rugs, coffee tables, and even televisions allow you to enjoy everything you do indoors, but out!
  6. Shade and Rain Protection: A porch roof, a three-season porch, or a pergola provide excellent protection from harsh UV rays, and solid roofing will even allow you to continue your use of the space if the Seattle rain should sneak in for a minute.
  7. Add Greenery to your Deck & Patio: Potted plants and vertical gardens are a great way to blend your human-made outdoor living surfaces into the lush Pacific Northwest landscape. Potted plants, DIY vertical gardens, ornamental potted trees, and herb gardens make your deck green and vibrant.
  8. Festive Overhead Lighting: Add fun to your deck, your patio space, a garden or your favorite stretch of lawn with gorgeous round lights hanging overhead. The lights can create fun for entertaining or accent lighting for a quiet escape.
  9. Plenty of Seating: Make sure you have ample seating for dining al fresco and hosting friends. Consider built-in benches instead of deck railings (if code allows), ottomans that double as tables or chair, storage boxes with cushions on top, and wide deck stairs for stadium seating over-looking the yard.
  10. Privacy: You don’t have to put up a basic 8-10 foot wooden privacy fence. Consider climbing Wisteria on lattice or fencing in the perfect spots. Or add a modern wooden privacy wall along the sides of your deck or patio that can double as vertical gardens. Don’t forget, if you’re on a hill you may need privacy overhead, which can be accomplished beautifully with a pergola and some fabric.

Patio with string lighting

If lighting will be part of your outdoor living space update, consider using our professional services. With commercial-grade lights that come with a lifetime warranty, and our custom, caring service, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Call us at (425) 414-8885 today for a free demonstration.