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Hosting Summer Celebrations with Outdoor Lighting for Parties

Do you love hosting summer celebrations at your home? There is nothing quite like friends and family filling your backyard and making the most of a beautiful day and night. With good food, good weather, and great company – from holidays to birthday parties and beyond there is nothing like a summer backyard party.

Two girls holding firework sparklers

Are you ready to take your backyard to the next level? We have brilliant outdoor lighting recommendations to maximize fun, function, and safety for all your summer gatherings.

Three Must-Have Lights for Your Outdoor Celebrations

Taking a summer party from day to night requires just the right outdoor lighting.

Fun with Festive Café Lighting

Start with the lighting that will add that pop of fun to the backyard. Our custom strung café lighting can hang over your patio, deck, pool, or just between trees! The minute you flip the switch a fun feeling washes over you and your guests. Everyone will want to hang out under these lights whether they are dining, lounging, or even dancing!

Function with Deck or Patio Lights

When you have a beautiful deck or patio, enjoying the space at night is better when you can see what you’re doing. We have fantastic copper and brass deck and patio lights for every unique space. On your deck, we can add stair riser lights, post caps lights and under-railing lights. For your patio, we can illuminate from the landscape around it, or integrate our hardscape lights right into your vertical structures such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and landscape walls. Our deck and patio lighting create functional but ambient lighting that adds function without blinding you.

Safety with Path and Landscape Lighting

Navigating a Seattle area property at night, in the dark, can be hazardous. With many homes being situated on a hill, stairs and steps are required and can be a liability in the dark. We utilize the most beautiful landscape and path lights to add safety and visibility with beauty still at the forefront. The lovely accent lighting will wow your guests so much, they won’t even think about the safety you created for them.

Pink fireworks in the sky

Automate Your Lighting Scene for Fantastic Fireworks

With all these gorgeous lights illuminating the way for your backyard party, what happens when it is time for those Fourth of July fireworks? We know if you’re on a hill – and many of you are, you can get sweeping 360 views of all the light shows for any given holiday. With our outdoor lighting automation systems, you can use an easy application on your smartphone to quickly flip your lights off when the fireworks begin. And as soon as they are over, the lights are back on so your guests can continue to enjoy your property safely.

If you’re ready to add brilliance and fun to your backyard gatherings, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound at (425) 414-8885 today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration!