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Professionally Installed Seattle Outdoor Lighting vs. Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Lighting

If you’ve been walking around a big box store, whether a club, hardware, or otherwise, you’ve likely seen some landscape lights for sale. Spring is the season to refresh your landscape and the stores are urging you to add lights – yourself!

While it may look easy to grab these lights off the shelf and install them yourself, we would like you to know the difference you’ll see so you can make an informed decision before you spend any money ( no matter how little ) on lights for your home and yard.

Home and front yard with special lighting


The first and most obvious difference will be in the look of the landscape lighting design and the look of the lights themselves. What you might see is:


  • Inconsistent light output
  • Harsh white light
  • Dim points of light with little reach


  • Gorgeous warm LED light
  • Light that casts out across the intended target

With inconsistent light color, harsh, or dim light, your landscape lighting design is already compromised. And with our lighting design expertise, the design difference goes much further than the lights themselves. We custom create gorgeous lighting scenes that will maximize the beauty of your home and property at night.


Value is a word we hold dear at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound. With our landscape lighting services, you get the most value out of every penny you spend.

Our lights are the best, will last the longest and even come with warranties to back it up. Our custom design will result in a lighting system that highlights all the nuanced charm of your home and landscape. Our meticulous installation follows a tried and true process from a nationwide leader in outdoor lighting systems, so you know it will be done right. And we will be here for you to keep your landscape lighting system looking first-day-fresh!

The value you can expect from big box lights done yourself is short term. The lights are often cheap plastic that breaks easy or powder-coated aluminum that will peel and chip after one season. The light inside the fixture cannot be replaced either in most cases, so once it burns out, you have to replace the whole unit. This frequently means replacing all the lights as the style from last year or two years ago is no longer available. You will find yourself replacing these lights in one to two years minimum!


We are licensed and insured. So, if something goes wrong during installation – you’re covered. And our lights come with lifetime warranties. The copper and brass will weather beautifully. Should something go wrong with a fixture, you’re covered, it will be replaced at no cost to you and your landscape lighting system will continue to be the talk of the neighborhood.

With big box lights, you might get a 30-day warranty and then you are on your own. And if you are installing the lights yourself and clip a utility line when you dig, you are on the hook for the repair cost.


The lights! It is all about the lights, isn’t it? Our lights are copper and brass. They weather beautifully and last forever. But even more importantly, they put out a consistent warm color that shines across the area you are illuminating.

Big box lights create points of light that are either too dim or too harsh and rarely cast out on the landscape itself. If they are solar they die off after a few hours each night. And the plastic or aluminum they are made of will start to look awful after only one season in the Seattle weather.


When you work with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, you will get the best value available in landscape lighting services. When compared to DIY landscape lighting, the difference will be obvious in the design the first night, and with the quality and value within 6 months to a year. Don’t set yourself up for a re-do. Go with the pros!

From installation to LED retrofits and our beloved Annual Maintenance Plan – our clients enjoy a lifetime of amazing outdoor lighting. Call us at (425) 414-8885 today to get started with a FREE nighttime demonstration at your home.