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Seattle Landscape Lighting: A Beacon in Wet Winter Weather

Seattle winters are mild compared to much of the country, with above freezing temperatures and not a ton of variation. That predictability comes in the form of moisture with slick sidewalks, mud, and muck. Adding to the hazardous walkways, we have long nights and low-visibility giving us an increased risk of slips, trips, and falls. Landscape lighting is a gorgeous way to add safety in the form of added visibility to slippery pathways this winter and all year long.


While mud and slick patches are a hazard in any light, without the ability to identify them as you approach they can be that much more dangerous. With landscape lighting, we can improve safety and visibility around your home or business. By illuminating pathways and entryways, you can enjoy sure-footing in haze, fog, mist, dawn, dusk or darkness.

Landscape lighting can add safety to the darkness found around the back and sides of your home. It can illuminate paths that may not be paved, allowing you to see puddles and pot holes or obstructions like fallen branches or children’s toys.

Landscape lighting is a perfect way to illuminate the entrance of your home. With properly designed lighting there will be a clear path to the entrance which could be framed by uplighting and wall washes for additional visibility and safety.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound is proud to offer added safety to Seattle, Bellevue, Newcastle, Woodinville and all of the greater Seattle area. If you could use better visibility around your home or business, call today for a free nighttime demonstration. (425) 414-8885