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Seattle LED Landscape Lighting Provides Safety & Comfort on Short Gray Days and Long Dark Nights

Arriving home after dark is part of life in Seattle each winter. Adding to the challenge, you quite likely arrive at work under cover of darkness too. The darkness can make it feel much later at night, zapping motivation for activity and productivity on weeknights. And if you’re not suffering from those long hours, the winter overcast can decrease visibility and enthusiasm for getting out during the day too.

Adding Seattle landscape lighting to your home can create a brilliant environment that offers a warm welcome home, easy visibility and added safety that will keep you active and motivated as much as needed.

How do we do it?

It all depends on your property and activity needs…

If your dog is in desperate need of a walk when you arrive home, but the darkness is a deterrent, consider Seattle LED path lighting as a viable solution. With a few strategically placed lights we can help you navigate the paths and sidewalks to access nearby public space for dog walking.

Step Lighting

Are you a runner, biker or walker? If nearby nature trails or city blocks are your preferred venue, you might prefer better visibility leaving your neighborhood. With dark alleys or wooded paths leading out, Seattle landscape lighting might be just the solution you’ve been looking for to add safety and peace of mind to your evening outdoor activities.


With gorgeous landscape lighting along the front entryway, driveway and sidewalk leading to your home you can enjoy the energizing effect of a warm welcome home, every day, all year long. With a little bit of added light, your body and mind will know it is not time to turn in for the night, but time to get stuff done. Whether it is evening activities with friends, tackling the latest home project or spending time on your favorite hobby, a little light is a great way to keep the energy flowing through the dark evening hours.

If you’re ready to be welcomed home from work with added visibility, safety, and warmth, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today for your free at home nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. (425) 414-8885