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2024 Northwest Outdoor Lighting Trends - Illuminate Your Space with Style

Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting is a crucial aesthetic and functional element for Puget Sound. Whether you’re sipping coffee on your porch or hosting an evening gathering in your backyard, the appropriate lighting can transform your areas into a cozy, inviting haven. As low-voltage lighting system providers, we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact that thoughtful illumination can have on your space. Here are some 2024 outdoor lighting trends to consider for your home and property:

  1. Warm and Inviting Pathway Lights: Since misty evenings are common, well-placed pathway lights guide your steps and create a welcoming atmosphere. Choose warm-toned LED light to create a defined ribbon along sidewalks, driveways and garden paths.
A walkway with lights on

LED Path lighting for front walkways

  1. Dark Sky-Friendly Designs: Pacific Northwest residents appreciate the region’s commitment to preserving natural beauty. Dark sky-compliant approaches minimize light pollution, allowing you to enjoy starry nights without compromising on safety or aesthetics.
A house with trees and a lawn

Landscape lighting to comply with dark-sky requirements

  1. Integrated Smart Lighting: Our tech-savvy homeowners love technology that enhances their outdoor experience. Consider smart lighting systems that allow you to adjust brightness, color, and schedules via your smartphone. Imagine setting the perfect ambiance for your evening barbecue with a simple tap of a button.
A row of trees with lights on

Color changing fixtures add fun to your yard

  1. Moonlighting and Uplighting: The number of trees we have allows for moonlighting techniques, where fixtures are placed high up to cast a soft, moon-like glow on gardens or paths. Strategic uplighting highlights typical regional features, such as the majestic cedars or the charming eaves of our architecture.
A path in a forest at night

Tree mounted lights for broad area moonlighting

  1. Coastal Inspired Designs: Living near the ocean, Pacific Northwest clients often seek coastal inspired designs. Think weathered copper lanterns, driftwood sconces, and marine-grade materials that age beautifully in our salty air environments.
A walkway with trees and lights at night

Architectural bronze fixture coloring matches NW landscaping

  1. String Lights for Gatherings: Our awesome summers are made for outdoor gatherings. String lights hung across patios, pergolas, or between trees create a magical ambiance for late-night conversations and celebrations. We also recommend dimming controls that allow you to adjust the mood at the touch of a button.
A fire pit in a yard with a log cabin and trees

String lighting for backyard gatherings

Remember, outdoor lighting isn’t just about functionality; it’s an art form that enhances property and has a significantly positive effect on your mood. Consult with an outdoor lighting professional to tailor these trends to your tastes, and let your evenings come alive with the right illumination.