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10 Joyful Reasons to Hire a Professional Christmas Lighting Company for Fantastic Festivity this Holiday Season

Seattle Christmas Lighting Company Provides Pain-Free, Full-Service Holiday Lighting for a Joyful Holiday Season

Do you look forward to cheerful holiday lighting at your home every Christmas? Do you simultaneously dread the work it takes to make it all happen? A worthwhile task, no doubt, but pulling the bins out of storage, untangling lights, climbing the ladders, and giving up a day or the entire weekend to the task can be daunting.

If you don’t enjoy the task yourself, why not spend that time with someone or something you love and let the lighting experts handle your outdoor holiday display?

Ten Take-Back-Your-Life Amazing Reasons to Choose Professional Christmas Lighting Installation

Twelfth Man

You can’t be the 12th man for the Seahawks if you are out on your ladder, untangling lights, and making your fifth trip to the hardware store for one more strand or another pack of clips. Football season is only 17 weeks long. Don’t give up a single one to something you don’t enjoy doing!

Not Afraid of Heights. Afraid of Falling.

If the act of climbing the ladder doesn’t physically slow you down, the view from the top may put a pit in your stomach. While there are obvious safety concerns when installing holiday lights on your home’s roofline, the anxiety caused by the ladder is worth avoiding itself.

That ONE Bulb, But Which One?

Which bulb in that one strand is causing half the string to be out? How much time will you invest in popping one bulb out at a time, inserting a good bulb? And what are the chances it is the last one you test? Or will you simply toss it aside and go buy another strand? When you choose us, the lights are guaranteed to work. And even if one goes out before Christmas, we will come out and fix it!

House with Christmas LightsHow Many Extension Cords Can I Plug into One Outlet?

Extension cords, period. Too long, too short, too white, sticking out, tripping hazards, and so on. To illuminate the entire front of your home, how many will you need, and will it cause a Clark Griswold style electrical short? Avoid the cost of buying more extension cords and the risk of messing with electricity.

Magazine-Ready Holiday Lighting Designs

Holiday lighting is the perfect opportunity for a “Pinterest-Fail” of epic proportions. With just a picture and a pile of lights, it can be a challenge for an average homeowner to achieve the holiday look they desire. Avoid accidental tacky Christmas lighting displays with our expert touch.

House with Christmas LightsNever Untangle a Tangled Mess Again

No matter how you store those mini-lights, they come out of the storage bin tangled, every, single, year. And while you certainly have become an expert at the untangling – it can consume an entire day just getting the lights ready to be hung. Take back that wasted time by leaving all your holiday lighting to us.

How Many Bins of Holiday Décor Can Your Attic Hold?

Are you running out of space for your seasonal décor? Every square foot in Seattle is at a premium cost, but when you choose us for your holiday lighting, you don’t even have to store your lights. We design, install, take-down, and store them for you!

Consistent Lighting Styles and Colors

Did you have to replace a strand of lights last year? Was the new strand a different color white than your existing lights? Avoid mismatched lights with our commercial-grade LED Christmas lights. They are always a consistent color from bulb-to-bulb and strand-to-strand.

Trees with Christmas LightsTrees, Trees, and More Trees

Wrapping trees with holiday lights is one of the most popular ways to decorate a home for Christmas. It also happens to be one of the most difficult to perfect. Whether you focus on just a wrapped trunk or you, go all the way up into the canopy – achieving a beautiful balanced tree is not easy. Our team is expertly trained to handle all your Christmas light tree-wrapping.


We love Christmas and all the family time that comes with it. But, by January, we are out of steam. And we know that it can be a considerable challenge to muster up the motivation to get outside in the January cold and take those holiday lights down. That is why we offer full-service turn-key holiday lighting. Our team will take down your lights and store them for you afterward. You can quite literally call us now, schedule your design and proposal consultation, and we will take it from there.

The holidays are busy enough! Leave your Christmas lighting to the pros for a beautiful display and more holiday cheer!