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We Service All Landscape Lighting Systems! Start with Free Inspection.

Lighting Assessment ScoreWe will service any Seattle landscape lighting system. No matter who installed it or when. If you’ve just moved in, or have neglected your lighting system for years, it is a good idea to start with our free system inspection to assess function and aesthetics.

Most of us have good intentions of keeping systems in our home well-maintained. Life is happening, though. Always. When lights come on at dusk and off before morning, they can easily fall into the “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” category. But as winter approaches and the nights get longer, you may notice a bulb out or the design is not up to par. That is where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound comes in with our Lighting Assessment Score (LAS).

What is a Lighting Assessment Score?

With a nationwide network of highly-experienced lighting professionals designing, installing, and servicing landscape lighting systems for over twenty years, we’ve developed a process for assessing the functional and design components of any landscape lighting system. We feel so strongly about creating gorgeous lighting designs that we offer this service for FREE!

When the process is complete, our technicians have covered all the bases, and you have an easy-to-understand checklist and price sheet so you know what every recommendation is, why it is, and what it will cost. You can hang on to the LAS and tackle repairs and updates in phases whenever you’re ready.

Sample Lighting AssessmentWhat to Expect During Your Free Landscape Lighting Inspection

Start by scheduling your LAS visit. At an agreed-upon time and day, our expert lighting technician will arrive at your home and follow a 100-point scale and checklist to assess six categories of your landscape lighting system.

  1. Design
  2. Fixtures & Bulbs
  3. Maintenance
  4. Power Source/Transformer
  5. Wiring
  6. Controller/Timer

From checking the voltage of every fixture to creating a checklist of design adjustments, we cover every aspect of the integrity of your system. The results can be anything from a cut underground line causing a fixture not to power up to an overzealous mulch application burying a light source. We don’t just find needed repairs, we take into consideration everything on your property and how you use your space to recommend design adjustments.

If you’ve since redesigned your landscape or added new outdoor living space, we may also provide suggestions for new lighting. We may also recommend an LED upgrade to help you lower your electricity use and lessen your carbon footprint.

No pressure. While we might have some suggestions for additions or upgrades, we will never pressure you. This is a 100% Free inspection and your Lighting Assessment Score is your information to do with what you please.