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How to Create a Splendid Staycation Destination Right Outside Your Door with Backyard Lighting

Taking a vacation with friends or family to get away from home, work, and other daily stresses is an important part of a balanced life. Sometimes life interrupts our plans for a much-needed getaway, and we find ourselves taking a staycation instead of a vacation. Whether you’ve intentionally planned a staycation to unwind, relax, and recharge or unforeseen circumstances have altered your getaway plans, we can help create an amazing retreat right outside your back door. Custom designed and installed backyard lighting is a fabulous, cost-effective way to transform your Seattle property into a lovely place to let go of the daily grind and enjoy time with family, friends, or even just a good book. We can even mimic the design of some of the beloved details of your favorite resort, hotel, or vacation location.

Check out these top ideas for using Seattle outdoor lighting to create your very own backyard oasis.

Patio, Deck, and Balcony Lighting

Think about your favorite resort. Picture the outdoor lounging and entertaining spaces. What were the features that sparked your joy?

If you enjoyed an evening show outdoors, a dinner under the stars, or cocktails by the pool while a band played, chances are there was lighting that created a cool vibe. While the lighting may not have been the focus of your attention, it most certainly is one of the subtle design aspects that created the ambiance. When recreating amazing vacation-like experiences at home, these subtle additions achieve the desired effect.

The most common way we can mimic your favorite resort is with deck, patio, or balcony lighting. Whether for lounging, dining, or partying, we will find the perfect lights to achieve the design of your dreams for unlimited and daily staycation moments in your future.

Party Lighting

Cutting loose and letting go is the entire point of taking a vacation. There is no reason you can’t do the same during a staycation. Create the perfect party space in your backyard with our permanent, festive string lighting. These lights are part hipster, part nostalgia, part Paris café, and part county fair. The versatility of our LED string lights means they work with your other outdoor design features to enhance the existing style.

A modern stone patio with minimalistic patio furniture and a wet bar? Bistro table and a porch roof or awning? Tiki torches, yard games, and tropical drinks? Chicken coop and hand-me-down, mix-and-match outdoor dining table? No matter what your backyard vibe, our string lights will make the space an instant party.

Backyard Lighting Systems

Creating a vacation-like ambiance throughout your backyard is the key to a successful staycation. Create all fun, no chores, and no worries, and you can’t go wrong. Whether your staycation goals are to get through that stack of books you’ve meant to get to, entertaining friends, or unplugging from work and just relaxing, we will create a full backyard lighting system to make those goals a reality.

Best of all – a backyard built for awesome staycations is a backyard you will enjoy year after year after year. You can come home from your first day back to work and enter your staycation zone for an instant, anytime escape. Say goodbye to the post-vacation blues and create your own backyard oasis today with the help of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound. Call today to schedule a FREE design consultation.