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Wrap Yourself in the Hug of a Warm Welcome Home Every Afternoon – Even in the Dark of Winter

Custom Seattle outdoor lighting transforms the way you live during the short days of winter.

Front of home covered in snow at nighttime

Are you looking for a way to make the long nights of winter feel a bit shorter? Are you tired of arriving home in the dark after having left in the dark each workday? We know the constant darkness can be a drag to your mood and your energy levels, so we want to help!

With a custom-designed outdoor lighting system, we can illuminate your home and property in such a way that we counteract some of the energy sucking-darkness, transforming your home into a warm and cozy retreat.


As you approach your home after work, the first thing you want to see is your home itself. So, we’ll start with some stunning uplighting and wall washing to highlight the charming features of your home’s exterior.

Next, we want to guide you in.


Starting with your driveway, we make sure you can see your way safely from the street to your garage. Depending on the length, slope and tree coverage, we’ll create a custom driveway lighting design to provide safety for coming and going.

Then we’ll install the most beautiful path lighting to lead you from your driveway, garage, or the street into your home. These lights will provide sure footing and visibility and help guests know exactly where to go.


After the important functional areas are illuminated we’ll go to work adding even more beauty. This typically revolves around your trees and landscape. Focal lighting is perfect for showing off your favorite trees, shrubbery, and flowers.

Lastly, we don’t want you to stay inside once you get home. There is plenty of opportunities to enjoy your outdoor living spaces during a Seattle winter. With deck lighting or patio lighting, you can utilize a fire pit, fireplace or patio heater to create a fun place for relaxing or entertaining. In fact, our custom string lighting is a top choice for making good use of outdoor space after dark – as it sets a fun and festive mood.

If you’re ready to see the beautiful lighting possibilities at your Seattle-area home, give us a call at (425) 414-8885today to schedule a free design demonstration!