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Trees. Trees. And More Trees. Other Focus for Seattle Landscape Lighting

Our favorite and your favorite Seattle landscape lighting focal feature is by far tree lighting. Trees big and small are a strong differentiator in our Pacific Northwest landscapes, from West Seattle to Vashon Island to Bellevue. But what else can we add focal lighting to in our landscapes to create added beauty, ambiance and function?

Decorative Lighting

Unique Character of Your Home

Does your home feature an element on the exterior that exudes character and charm? Maybe a gate and arbor at the sidewalk? Gorgeous Craftsman brackets and braces? Exposed beams under the roof edge? Pillars holding a front porch roof above? A three-story pop-out that offers 180-degree views in your breakfast nook and upper floors? A hidden pathway leading around to a stunning ocean, lake or city skyline view? All of these charming features of your home deserve to be seen at night and are a perfect focal point for your new landscape lighting.

Intriguing Landscape Accessories

Have you discovered and purchased unique sculptural items while traveling? Or maybe you found that perfect fountain at the local home and garden store? Whatever landscape accessories grab your attention during the day, should be a focal point for nighttime enjoyment. Bridges, gazebos, pergolas, statues, fountains, stone retaining walls, and koi ponds are just a few that come to mind. Show it off, share it and love it day or night!

Decorative Lighting Sculptures

If your landscape doesn’t feature any special accessories or unique items outside of the plant family, maybe it is time to add one or two. We offer stunning decorative outdoor lighting that acts as both daytime sculpture and nighttime lighting. Line your paths with smaller simple decorative lights or choose a large elaborate bollard to anchor your landscape and steal focus from the softscapes that surround.

If you’re ready to illuminate all of the uniqueness and charms that makes your home and property yours, call today for a free nighttime lighting demonstration. (425) 414-8885