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City Yards and Gardens Break Free from Darkness with Quaint Seattle Landscape Lighting

If your downtown Seattle home and yard become invisible at night, have you considered unveiling their nighttime personality with a bit of outdoor lighting? Our downtown Seattle homes all have their distinctive personalities with their terraced front yards and secret gardens. Staircases ascend from the sidewalks and disappear before they reach the houses, shielded by lush landscaping. Professional landscape lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound could cleverly reveal your home’s unique character at night.

What Does Your Downtown Seattle Home Want To Show Off?

Whether your home is a quaint bungalow or an architect’s post-modern dream house, here’s a challenge we want to toss your way. Stand on the sidewalk in the daylight and look toward your house. Take note of what draws your attention. Can you see the roofline, the front door or gardens between the sidewalk and your home? Do you have a sloping, terraced front yard? Do you have rocks artfully holding your yard in place? Later, take in the same view at night. What do you see?

Downtown Seattle landscape lighting is a magical thing. Does your front door disappear behind bushes or trees after sundown? An outdoor light at ground level—angled upward just so—could suddenly make your front door visible from the street at night. Do you have a dark, spooky front yard because light doesn’t penetrate the rocks and vegetation cohabitating there? A few discrete landscape lighting fixtures among them could gently bring them to life. Does your staircase leading up from the sidewalk disappear before it reaches your house? Subtle path lighting would reassure visitors the stairs do continue beyond the bushes.

Can Seattle Landscape Lighting Improve Curb Appeal?

Home with special lighting in the front yard

Everyone talks about curb appeal as though it only exists in the daytime. Why let your home go dark at night? With the artful touches of landscape lighting, your home will gain nighttime curb appeal, too. If you’ve worked hard to make your garden alluring and your home elegant or charming, there’s no need to lose all of that at night. Your results from hard work may be completely different in the daytime compared to the night. You may notice additional depth and texture at with lighting at night that no one sees in the daylight.

The right outdoor lighting can distinguish your home from the rest of those on your street. Even if every home on your street had landscape lighting, they would no longer look the same (dark!) because the lighting would reveal their unique personalities.

Bring That Magic Up To Your Outdoor Living Areas, Too

Landscape lighting doesn’t always have to be for the benefit of people passing by or your guests arriving from the streetscape. Some of the most wonderful landscape lighting is reserved for you and your guests. Do you have a walled patio or a secret garden accessible from your home but not from the street? Subtle landscape lighting can accent your favorite features within the private space while creating an intimate or relaxing mood.

Our urban landscapes that go dark at night are crying for outdoor lighting to bring them back to life after sundown. If this describes your downtown Seattle home, consider finding out what landscape lighting could do for your little piece of the planet. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound offers a free design consultation and free nighttime demonstration that will allow you to see the effects of landscape lighting on your property.

If you’re ready to experience the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives difference, call us at (425) 414-8885 today! We service and retrofit existing outdoor lighting systems, even if they were installed by someone else.