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Why Should I Have Cafe Lights Professionally Installed When I Can Buy and Hang Cafe Lighting Myself?

Cafe lights, market lights, string lights, festive lights, bistro lights, or festoon lights – whatever you call these fun lights, they are very popular in Seattle and across the country. They add a bit of sophisticated fun and flavor to whatever space they illuminate. Market lights popularize restaurant outdoor dining areas and create a fun atmosphere in backyards everywhere. When creating an outdoor space with a touch of chic nostalgia – nothing does it better than market lights.

Outdoor patio with string lighting

So, why would anyone have these lights professionally installed when they are so readily available and hung like Christmas lights? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we offer four really very good reasons you should have your market lights professionally designed and installed.

1. Quality. The superiority of the lights themselves. Our LED market lights will outlast anything at the big box store, can withstand the year-round weather elements, and offer an even consistent light color with each bulb.
2. Warranty. Our quality is so good we put our money where our mouth is with a five-year warranty. Our five-year warranty means we’ll come out and replace bulbs if they break and fix lines if they snap for a full five years after installation. Your big-box market lights won’t even last five years. With the number of times you’ll have to buy new ones, and the amount of time you’ll spend re-hanging them, this professional upgrade will pay for itself.
3. Design. Our outdoor lighting design experts have an eye for bringing out the best in every outdoor space. They will be able to show you the exact amount of market lights that are right for your space, where the market lights should hang, and how they should be hung for an outdoor lighting design that will be worthy of a home and gardens magazine spread.
4. Installation. Adding posts, digging holes, climbing ladders, wiring transformers, hanging lights (straight without sagging), creating a visual outdoor lighting masterpiece, and more. Installing market lights to perform and look fantastic is not quite as easy as it looks. Have you ever hung Christmas lights and wondered why it didn’t look as good as on TV? The same can happen with market lights. Not only will our installation look better, but it will also be permanent, and you won’t have to do the work yourself.

BONUS – Safety: Our cafe lights are low-voltage. What does that mean for cafe lights? Safety. These lights are not hot and use very little energy to run.

Before you snag a box of inexpensive market lights off the shelf at your local store, consider the time and effort you are committing. A small investment now will save you time (your most valuable commodity) and the hassle of hanging the lights, getting them just right, and dealing with the inevitable failure of the lesser quality lights (more time) down the road. Call today (425) 414-8885 to get the best professional Seattle outdoor market lighting available.

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