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Best in Glow Award

This client started with wanting a complete lighting design to complement their new landscaping. We originally proposed a package of around 150 fixtures and around 50% of those fixtures being color-changing. On the day of installation, we discovered that the landscaping plan had increased around 3x in quantity of plantings! We called the client to determine if they wanted us to stick to the original fixture count or apply the same design density to the entire project. Immediately they went with the second option as well as upgrading all the fixtures to color-changing. There are currently around 350 RGBW fixtures being used in this project as well as 14 transformers spread around the property and plans to add around 75 more fixtures. The highlight of this property are the 5 crystal chandeliers that we converted to 12v and have been hung from one of the large oak trees. The client was blown away by the effect and has now become one of our closest clients!

Chandelier in Tree

Patio with Outdoor Lighting

Home and Yard with Outdoor Lighting

home and backyard with outdoor lighting

garden with outdoor lighting

pathway with outdoor lighting