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Benifits of a Nighttime Demonstration

You wouldn’t buy a house without asking a list of questions as you take a close look inside each and every room, would you? The same should go for outdoor lighting. This is why we offer free night time demonstrations. With a nighttime demonstration, you can see the full effect of what your house will look like with outdoor lighting without spending a dime.

Our expert outdoor lighting technicians will work with you to decide upon a convenient day and time to come to your home slightly before dusk. They will then discuss with you the design that you have in mind and will lay out each light to fit that particular vision. Just as the sun goes down, they will have you come outside and turn on the lights so that you can see the before and after effect.
Once you see your house beautifully illuminated by the uplights as you walk down your well-lit pathway, you will wonder why you waited so long to make this dream a reality. It will be hard for you to imagine your house any other way.

After we show you our crafted design, we will then discuss with you what you might want to tweak or have moved or removed. After seeing your design off paper, you might come to realize you don’t want one of your trees to be lit up or you wanted a certain part of the house to be a tad bit brighter. We will then easily move the light to a different location or simply remove it if it is not necessary. Our goal is to create the design that you want to see every night as the sun recedes. A nighttime demo allows you to make the changes you see fit and give input on what you like and dislike all before your system is even installed.

If you fall in love with your lighting display and settle on a design that is just right for you, we will provide a proposal on the spot and cue you for the next available date for us to come out and begin your installation. If you need time to think about your new design or need to discuss the idea further, we will step back and give you time to mull it over and decide for yourself what is in your best interest. We understand big decisions aren’t meant to be rushed. We want you to be just as satisfied with the design as we are.

Never waste another minute wondering what your house would look like with outdoor lighting. We will collaborate with you in designing the perfect display. Call or email us today at (423) 445-0426 or see us online at for a free night time demonstration.