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The Experience You Will Have at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Chattanooga

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on quality work with customer satisfaction. We love to let potential clients know just the kind of result they can expect from us the first time they step outside at night and see their beautiful lighting. A lot, of course, has to happen before that moment. The first thing is that customers have to decide why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. We love it when the proof is in the pudding and the photos say it all. Sometimes though, you can want to know more when making the decision. One amazing thing that helps with the decision is testimonies from some of our incredible clients. So today, we would like to share one of our client’s Outdoor Lighting Perspectives story.

residential front yard lighting

“My Outdoor Lighting Experience…

I always thought actual outdoor lighting was a front porch light, a spotlight on the basketball hoop in the driveway, and one in the backyard to let the dog out at night. Well, that all changed when I met my second wife and we built a house in Council Fire. She asked me just to consider outdoor lighting, and call a few lighting companies to get their opinions and estimates. I did this and it introduced me to Joe Bozich and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Joe came to our house, had a good brochure, pointed out our neighbor’s outdoor lighting (which looked great), and blew me away with his knowledge. He was passionate, not pushy, interested, and sincere. All of these qualities are all A+ in my book.

I did call another company and while they were “cheaper”, they could not have cared less about my business. From there, my decision was easy, go with who I felt would provide the overall best value, Joe and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. I made the call to Joe and I wasn’t expecting that the best part was yet to come. Joe sent me an email confirmation regarding our first order (we have had several orders since the first meeting). He informed me when they would do the install. This would be the best part of the entire process.

Joe’s team in one word, OUTSTANDING! Every member of the team is very professional, knowledgeable, on time, clean, and you would not even know they had been at your house until the night came and the lights came on. That is incredible service if you ask me. The install team, which is very critical to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ success, just made it that much easier. They are all very nice and accommodating. Now several years later and many more installs later, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives does all of our landscape lighting. I am and will always be a loyal customer. That is how I can show my appreciation to Joe and his team for always exceeding my expectations, loyalty.

I will end by saying thank you Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for providing a quality product matched with superior service. That is why I am your number one fan.”

residential pool lighting

If you want to brighten up your night like this client, all you need to do is pick up the phone. You can reach our Chattanooga line at (423)-445-0426, and our Northwest Atlanta line at (770)-308-8390. We would love to talk to you about our free consultation and get you started on your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives journey today.