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Creative Ways to Use Outdoor Lighting

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See all of the creative ways you can use outdoor lighting to showcase your home in it’s best light. Extend the usable square footage of your home, open up your deck, porch, patio, gazebo and use design creativity to light up outdoor areas for nighttime entertaining.

Video Transcription

Strategically placed outdoor lighting extends the usable square footage of your home and opens up your deck, porch, patio, gazebo, and other areas for nighttime entertaining but in addition to appealing to your common value-conscious practical side today is leading edge lighting options lets you get quite creative. Look at all the wonderful ways this beautiful home use design creativity to light up the night stunning pool lighting for that nighttime swim. Budaya pergola is the quiet garden feature that forms a shaded walkway passageway or sitting area but with the right lighting it can instantly set the stage for quaint family get-togethers or neighborhood nightlife. Pendant lighting can hang in lots of different places adding a bright design element and the allure of a Harvest Moon for artistic ambiance that seems inspired by Vincent van Gogh starry lights broadcasts a magical display of shimmering stars and outdoor gardens and trees. Lighting design can transform the backyard waterfall that helps cool off hot summer days into a nighttime oasis. The stone stairwell that's so beautiful during the day can be hard to navigate at night that is until the lights come on you will how well designed landscape lighting like this can bring your plants and dance alive each and every night. With your creativity engaged even your four-legged family member has a house to be proud of when it's time to howl at the moon from soft and romantic to cheerfully lit to party ready outdoor lighting lets your creativity shine.