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Meet Our Dedicated Lighting Professionals

Outdoor Lighting Perspective EmployeesDeciding between hiring a professional landscape lighting company or doing it yourself? Our installers are trained in electrical, landscape, construction and safety to give you the best possible outcome. We can climb trees, mount lights on roofs/gutters, inset lights in your deck and so forth. You don’t want to take a chance and fall off your roof or from a tree. We can reach high places, hard to reach places on the brow or put lights where you never dreamed of.

Our lighting technicians go the extra mile for our customers. Don’t be surprised if they happen to bring in your trash or leave your yard looking better than it did when they arrived.

Senior Technician Steven Rowley has been with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives since 2013. Originally from Los Angeles, Rowley has an extensive background in landscape irrigation and hardscaping. He loves getting to know his customers and takes pride in everything he does. In addition to servicing lighting systems, Rowley also gives potential customers night time demonstrations so they can see exactly what their lights will look like.
Chett Perry, our newest team member, comes to us from Lexington, KY. He is a former chef, a naturalist, and volunteers at the local nature and arboretum center. Perry says he loves his job because he gets to work outside and every day is different.

Let us provide you with more information so you can make an informed decision. Yes, outdoor lighting is an investment in your home and property. However, you’re paying for safety, security, beautiful curb appeal and ambiance.

Professionally installed lighting can help sell your home, light up dark corners and dormers, highlight beautiful architecture, patios and decks, brighten tree-lined areas, illuminate gardens and statues, and show off pools, ponds, bridges and gazebos. You want to look for quality fixtures. Ours are handcrafted in Nashville and come in brass or copper. Be sure to know what wattage/lumens your electrical system can handle. And you want to be careful when mixing lighting systems to ensure all lights have the same color and brightness. We also service other lighting systems as well.

For professional lighting installation, call the experts at (423) 445-0426.